Buying a House with an Old Septic SystemIf you are considering buying a house with an old septic system, you should also consider contacting us at Custom Septic, Inc., before you make that commitment. Buying a house is a risk many of us take. There are many good reasons for taking such a risk. Buying a house is a part of the American Dream and it offers a place to call home and raise a family. Nearly 25% of all homes in the United States have septic systems. If you have questions  or concerns about the age of the septic system in a home you are considering buying, our team can help you. Just give us a call, and one of our team members will answer any questions you may have.

Custom Septic offers expert inspections of septic systems, and we ensure that our inspection pricing is competitive. We want you to have the best possible information about the house you are considering buying, and we do not want that information to come at a prohibitive price. Our inspection service can help to determine the overall health of the septic system. How the system has been used, whether or not it has been abused, and whether or not it has received necessary maintenance in a timely manner are important matters to establish as you consider purchasing the home.

Septic System Evaluation

If the septic system has been well maintained, the actual age of the system may matter less.
We will want to know the available history of the home that the system is a part of too. For example, if the system was designed for a relatively small home with a small number of occupants but has had to serve the needs of many more people, we may find issues with the septic system as a result. If the septic system has been used moderately by the number of people it was designed to serve, and on top of that has been well maintained, the chances are decent to very good that the age of the system is less of an issue.

Be Confident in Your Homes Septic System

A well-maintained septic system can last for a very long time. If the house you are considering buying has had to have its septic system pumped multiple times, it may indicate problems resulting from overuse or malfunction. If it has needed to be pumped, for example, it could indicate a problem with the drain field or with solid waste failing to break down as it should. As you can imagine, there are many variables in determining the viability of a septic system. Age is one concern. Custom Septic, Inc., is available to address them all. Call us at (763) 218-4769 with any questions.