Natural Bacteria in Sewage Treatment Process

Biological Sewage Treatment Andover MN


Naturally Occurring Bacteria plays a significant role in the treatment of Raw Sewage. Human Waste contains needed bacteria that begins the Organic Treatment Process inside of the Septic Tank. More efficient aerobic bacteria in soil furthers the wastewater treatment process in an Individual Sewage Treatment System (ISTS). Conventional soil based septic systems are common in Andover, MN and surrounding Minnesota communities. A Licensed Septic System Contractor at Custom Septic, Inc. can provide you with Soil Boring and other tests to evaluate your property and determine which type of septic system will ensure maximum treatment of wastewater.


Types of Conventional and Other MN Septic Systems

  • Gravity Septic System
  • Pressure Distribution Septic System
  • Sand Filter System
  • Mound Septic System
  • Aerobic Treatment System


Soil Boring Analysis

A Licensed Septic System Contractor like Brad Krotzer from Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI), can provide you with detailed Site and Soil Analysis to determine which type of sewage treatment system is best for your Andover, MN property. Tests such as Soil Boring and Sampling provide a more accurate picture of the soil’s ability to Organically Treat Human Waste and household wastewater.


Bacteria in Soil Treatment System

Soil is a Scientifically Proven Sewage Treatment option. Aerobic Bacteria in soil work to naturally treat and purify wastewater it before reaching area groundwater. Microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and mold require time, oxygen and proper temperature to do their job treating and purifying sewage.


Soil-Based Sewage Treatment Process

Soil in the drainfield must remain unsaturated for Effective Sewage Treatment. Wastewater, called effluent must gradually seep into the soil underneath the leach field or drainfield for maximum efficiency of organic purification. It combines with oxygen and optimal temperatures to provide safe and effective treatment of sewage inside of the Individual Septic System. Bacteria and other organic matter can successfully transform human waste into safe groundwater.


Licensed Septic System Contractor

Brad Krotzer, owner of Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI), is a highly experienced and Licensed Septic System Contractor. Brad and his team provide Andover, MN property owners with services including Septic System Installation, Septic Design, Septic Repair and Compliance Inspections. We have education and experience to handle Soil Boring and other testing to evaluate site and soil conditions on your property. The Organic Treatment Process relies on Bacteria in the Soil to Effectively Treat Human Waste and household wastewater.

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