Garbage Disposals Tough on Septic System

Garbage Disposal Tough on Septic Tank Anoka MNThere is a really good chance that your Anoka MN home is equipped with a Garbage Disposal for grinding up food waste. If your home also has a Private Septic System then you may want to think long and hard before using it on a regular basis. The increase in Food Matter and extra Wastewater can be disruptive and even harmful to the Organic Sewage Treatment Process that a septic tank relies upon. Educate yourself on the possible Impact a Garbage Disposer can have on a Septic Tank and Drainfield. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has had to Repair Septic System Problems brought on by Garbage Grinders in Minnesota homes.


10 Possible Impacts of Garbage Disposer on Sewers

An In-sink Garbage Disposer can be a luxury that some homeowners are reluctant to give up. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. doesn’t condemn the use of this type of Garbage Disposal, but we would like people to take a look at the possible impact of sending ground up food particles and excess water down into the Sewer System.

  1. Killing Off Necessary Bacteria in Septic Tank and Drainfield
  2. Pump Septic Tank More Frequently
  3. Slow Down Organic Treatment Process
  4. Food Particles Break Down More Slowly
  5. Clogged Drain Pipes
  6. May Clog Soil Absorption Area
  7. Septage Screens or Filters Recommended
  8. Larger Size Septic Tank Needed
  9. Increased Amount of Waste Water Used
  10. Water Overload in Septic Tank


The Role of Bacteria in a Septic Tank System

Bacteria gets a bad rap sometimes. Killing off too much bacteria can have an adverse affect on immune systems. Of course bacteria can also be a source of illness or infection. It does however play a crucial role in the Organic Process of breaking down, decomposing and treating Human Waste Materials. Naturally Occurring Bacteria in human waste is the backbone of How a Septic System Works.


Licensed MN Septic Sewer Business

As a well respected, Licensed Septic Business, CSI Custom Septic Inc. would like to remind all of our existing and future customers to pay attention to what goes down the drain. Everything from the plumbing fixtures and drains will wind up inside of the Septic Tank. Large amounts of ground up Food Matter from a Garbage Disposal may be harming your Private Septic System.

Also note: that if its not water or toilet paper or if it hasn’t already been processed through the human body – then it shouldn’t go into the toilet.

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is here to assist you with Septic System Inspection and Repair. To best serve our customers, CSI is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

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