Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden Near Septic System

Pollinator Friendly Septic Landscaping Rockford MNIf you are the proud owner of an elevated Mound Septic System then you may be looking for ways to make it look more attractive. There is really no reason why you can’t have a Beautifully Landscaped Yard and still have a well functioning Septic System. There are several ways to put your own personal touch without harming the important functions that a Rockford MN Private Sewage System must provide. Look for Bee-Friendly Plants that add color and Attract Pollinators like Bees, Hummingbirds and Butterflies.


Pollinator Friendly Landscaping

Beautiful, MN Native Flowering Plants (such as the Wild Geranium shown above) can make a great choice for landscaping a back yard. We have all probably seen news stories that highlight the importance of maintaing a healthy population of Pollinators. Approximatly 90 percent of the world species of flowering plants rely on the work of pollinators. Look for plants labeled as Beneficial to Pollinators.


MN Pollinator Species

Some examples of Animal Pollinator Species found in Rockford MN includes:

  • Honey Bee
  • Bumble Bee
  • Beetles
  • Hummingbird
  • Butterfly


Beautifully Landscaped Backyard

It turns out that some of the best plants for Attracting Pollinators to your yard are also good for your Septic System. Low Maintenance Flowers and Native Grasses help to protect the Septic Mound from errosion and provide insulation from Minnesota’s harsh winter cold. Your backyard can look beautiful to the human eye as well as enviting to Wild Pollinators including Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Bumble Bees.


Landscaping for Elevated Septic Mound

When choosing plants for Landscaping a Mound System, look for species that are hardy MN native, drought tolerant perennials with a shallow root system. Nice varieties include some low maintenance, Minnesota Native Grasses and Flowering Plants like Allium, Pale Purple Coneflower, Butterflyweed, Violets, Wild Geraniums, June Grass and Little Bluestem Grass.


Flowering Plants Used on or Around Septic Systems

  • Asters (Bigleaf & Heath)
  • Butterflyweed
  • Liatris
  • Oxeye
  • Pale Purple Coneflower
  • Pasque Flower
  • Pennsylvania Sedge
  • Prairie Clover
  • Pussytoes
  • Rough Blazing Star
  • Violets
  • Wild Bergamot
  • Wild Geranium


Mound System Safe Grasses

  • Blue Grama
  • June Grass
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Little Bluestem
  • Prairie Dropseed MN Grass
  • Sideoats Grama


Avoid High Maintenance Flowers

Don’t choose High Maintenance Flowers that need frequent weeding or watering. Not only are they more expensive and time consuming to grow but they can also be detrimental to your own Sewer System. Too much water can harm the biological component of a septic system. Too much soil compaction can also slow down the natural sewage treatment process. A pretty yard is not worth having to pay for a Premature Septic System Replacement.


Licensed Septic Services Provider

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