Bacterial Sewage Treatment Process

Bacteria in Biological Sewage Treatment Process East Bethel MNThe process of breaking down and Decomposing Sewage Waste is largely completed by Bacteria and other Mircro-organisms. A typical East Bethel MN Septic System includes an underground septic tank that is teaming with millions Microscopic Organisms and Beneficial Bacteria. Both Aerobic Bacteria and Anaerobic Bacteria are needed to complete the decomposition of fecal matter and liquid waste water. It is not necessary to add enzymes or bacterial septic tank additives. These types of additives can actually do more harm than good. As a Licensed Septic Professional, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) understands the science behind Natural Wastewater Treatment inside of the Septic Tank and the Soil Absorption Area.


Anaerobic Bacteria in Natural Wastewater Treatment

Human Waste contains a large amount of Bacteria. Without beneficial bacteria the Natural Process for breaking down sewage waste would not be successful. Anaerobic Bacteria is found inside of the Septic Tank. These microscopic organisms survive without the existence of oxygen. They are hard at work all day and all night working or decomposing up to 50% of solids and turning them into liquids and septic gases.


Biomat Layer

A Slimy Bacterial Layer called a Biomat provides the next step in the biological treatment process. Tiny little organisms living in the biomat digest the organic matter contained in the liquid waste, called Effluent.


Oxygen Dependent Aerobic Bacteria

Aerobic Bacteria that is found in Soil is naturally capable of further breaking down and purifying the liquids before it seeps into the groundwater. This type of bacteria is oxygen dependent and naturally occurs in Minnesota Soil.


Septic Tank Additives

Most experts agree that there is no need to add Enzymes, Bacteria or Activators into the sewage treatment system. Several products are marketing for the purpose of improving the biological treatment process. For the most part, these Septic Tank Additives are just a waste of money. They can upset the balance of bacteria and slow down the decomposition process within the septic system.


Minnesota Licensed Septic Professional

As a Licensed MN Septic Professional, Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) has a clear understanding of the Biological Treatment Process of sewage. We provide Septic System Designs that are suited to each individual property and intended usage. Regular Maintenance is necessary to get the most out of your individual septic system.

There is no need to add Chemicals such as Septic Tank Additives, Enzymes or Bacteria in most cases. Ask the experts at CSI if you suspect that your sewer system isn’t working at its optimal best. We can provide you with a system evaluation and Repairs if necessary.

In East Bethel MN, contact the sewer experts at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for Professional Septic System Services at: 763-218-4769