Be Septic Smart Sept 18 to 22, 2017

2017 Septic Smart Week Part Two Ramsey MNIt is now SepticSmart Week 2017 with good info and news that Ramsey MN septic owners can use. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is proud to bring you some great tips from the U.S. Pollution Control Agency (PCA) regarding Private Sewer Disposal Systems. This annual outreach program may be especially interesting for New Home Buyers. Hopefully you will learn how to Protect Your Family and Save Money while keeping your neighborhood safe from Contaminated Sewage Waste. We will also provide advice on Preparing Your Septic System For The Holidays.

Watch for another CSI Blog post titled SepticSmart Week Part 3 for even more Septic System Owner Info brought to you by the US EPA. Part 1 focused on Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Septic System.


Buying Home With Existing Septic System

Purchasing a new home with an Existing Septic System can be intimidating if you are new to personal sewage treatment. provides a Homebuyers Guide to Septic Systems for this reason. With the proper design, installation, maintenance, inspections, repairs a typical MN Onsite Wastewater Disposal System could last for over 40 years.

The Home Buyer Brochure includes info on:

  1. How a Septic System Works
  2. How to find an Existing Septic System on your property
  3. Importance of Septic Inspection Prior to Purchasing
  4. What to Expect During Septic System Inspection
  5. Everyday Preventative Maintenance
  6. Estimated Cost to Maintain Septic System
  7. Know if your Septic System is Working Correctly
  8. Signs of Septic System Malfunction
  9. When to call a Certified Septic System Service Provider


Holiday Tips For Septic System Owners

Don’t forget to Manage Your Septic System During the Holidays. A successful holiday gathering can depend on how you prepare before the guests arrive. The extra wastewater generated during this time of the year can Overload Your Sewer System resulting in a septic system failure or sewage backup.

  1. Put food waste into the trash – not down the garbage disposal
  2. Never pour grease or fat down the sink drain
  3. Don’t put garbage (or anything other than human waste and toilet paper) into the toilet
  4. You may want to post a polite sign reminding your guests not to flush unwanted items down the toilet
  5. Have a septic inspection done to see if the septic tank should be pumped before a holiday party
  6. Limit water use in the days leading up to an event that is expected to have additional wastewater flowing into the septic system


MPCA Certified Septic Service Provider

In Ramsey, Elk River and Anoka MN, contact your local MPCA Certified Septic Services Provider at CSI Custom Septic Inc. for Septic Inspection, Installation & Repair at: 763-218-4769. Read SepticSmart Week Part One for more Septic System Tips and info.

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