Septic System Preventive Maintenance Guidelines

10 Elk River Sewer System Do's and Don'ts Pt 2This blog post is a continuation of the previous post that offered advice on Septic System Preventive Maintenance. In Part 1, Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) provided information including 8 Reasons Why You Need to Maintain Your Sewer System along with 10 Suggestions on what to DO to keep the system working properly. Good maintenance techniques can Save You Money and provide Peace of Mind in knowing that your family and Elk River MN home are being protected from the dangerous effects of a Sewer System Failure. Below, are some suggestions on Septic Maintenance Don’ts and What Not To Do if you want your sewage treatment process working properly for up to 10, 20, 25 or 30 years. CSI is MPCA Certified Onsite Septic Contractor.


10 On Site Sewage System Maintenance Don’ts

  1. Don’t Open Manhole Cover on septic tank or ever attempt to go into the septic tank for any reason. Sewer gases can be deadly.
  1. Don’t use a Garbage Disposal any more than is absolutely necessary. Check with a Licensed Septic Contractor to see if your septic system can handle the added food waste.
  1. Don’t put anything down the Drain that will disrupt the natural treatment process inside of the sewage holding tank. This includes harsh chemicals, pesticides, antifreeze, cooking oils, paint, solvents, or antibacterial soaps and cleansers.
  1. Don’t use Additives that are marketed for septic tank use. They are typically a waste of money and may cause harm to the balance of bacteria needed to cleanse sewage waste.
  1. Don’t do any septic system Repairs before checking to see if a Permit is required. Only a professional, MPCA Certified On Site Septic Contractor should handle large or complicated repairs.
  1. Don’t Dig, Drive or Build anything on top of the septic drainfield. Doing so can compact the soil or cause damage to underground sewer pipes.
  1. Don’t Plant Trees or Shrubs or plants with invasive roots, on top of or near the soil drainfield area.
  1. Don’t use your Toilet as a trash can or Flush anything other than human waste and toilet. The Do Not Flush list includes: tampons, dental floss, medications, coffee grounds, baby wipes, flushable wipes, cigarettes, condoms, q-tips, facial tissue, paper towels, etc.
  1. Don’t Overload the septic tank with excess amounts of water, especially after a heavy rainfall. Plan ahead for houseguests by limiting water usage in the days before their arrival and spread out loads of laundry throughout the week.
  1. Don’t allow Downspouts, Sump Pump Hose or Water Softener runoff to drain directly onto the septic system.


MPCA Certified Onsite Septic Contractor

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