Preventive Maintenance Guide for Homeowners

Elk River Septic System Dos & Don'ts Pt 1It could be that the hardest piece of equipment that you own is buried deep underground where it can’t be seen. I am talking about your Septic System. Elk River MN homeowners who don’t receive a Sanitary Sewer bill for Wastewater Treatment can be sure that their property is served by Residential On Site Sewage Treatment. Preventive Maintenance costs very little compared to the cost of a major sewage system repair or complete replacement. Ask Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) about a recommended Annual Inspection to check on when the Septic Tank should be emptied, if the Drainfield is working correctly and that Sewer Pipes and Connections are looking good. Look back for Part 2 for a list of 10 Don’ts of Septic System Care and Maintenance.


8 Reasons Why Maintain Residential Septic System

  1. Protect the Health of your family, friends, neighbors and the entire Elk River MN community
  1. Save Money with minor maintenance that prevent a major failure with costly repairs or replacement of septic tank and seepage bed
  1. Protect Quality of Well Water and Groundwater from pollution or sewage contamination that can lead to serious illness
  1. Untreated Human Waste can cause serious damage to the Environment including lakes, rivers and protected wetlands along with the Wildlife that live therein
  1. Avoid a Smelly, Dirty, Expensive, Biohazard Mess from a failed septic system
  1. Property Values can decrease when a septic system problem has been identified through a septic compliance inspection or report
  1. Pass Compliance Inspection for transfer of property when buying or selling an Elk River MN or Sherburne County home
  1. Comply with Minnesota and Sherburne County Rules and Regulations


10 Septic System Maintenance Do’s

  1. DO find out where the septic tank is located and make a record of the location for easier inspections and cleaning
  1. DO call Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for annual inspections to detect problems before they become worse
  1. DO have your septic tank pumped out as needed, approximately every 3 years or when noted during the annual checkup by Custom Septic Inc.
  1. DO keep a log of all the permits, inspection reports, maintenance activities, repairs and septic tank pumpings
  1. DO make your septic tank accessible for inspections by installing a manhole cover riser to make it visible without digging
  1. DO direct runoff and water from gutters and sump pumps away from the septic system to avoid over saturating the soil needed to cleanse the waste water
  1. DO contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) if you notice anything unusual or signs of a septic system malfunction
  1. DO conserve water by installing efficient bathroom fixtures, fixing leaky faucets & toilets and by spreading out loads of laundry on different days of the week
  1. DO provide a natural ground cover over septic system such as drought resistant grass or native flowers
  1. DO insulate the septic tank and drainfield over cold winter months especially when there is little snow cover on the ground

Licensed Minnesota Septic Contractor

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a MPCA Certified and MN Licensed Septic Contractor with locations in Northern Minnesota and the Elk River area in nearby Big Lake, MN. We are very experienced and well qualified to take care of just about anything related to On Site Sewage Treatment. Following the above recommedations for Sewer System Regular Maintenance Dos is a great way to stay on the right track with safe and efficient sewage treatment.

Check back for Part 2 for a list of things to avoid doing if you want to save money on Preventable Repairs or Premature Septic System Replacement.

In Elk River MN, call Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) to schedule a Septic System Inspection or Septic Repairs at: (763) 218-4769