Avoid Costly Septic System Freeze-Up

Frozen Septic Systems Andover MNIn Part 1 of Why Septic Systems Freeze Up we went over some reasons as to why individual sewage treatment systems are prone to freezing during a cold Minnesota winter. In this article Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) will offer advice to avoid a Costly Septic System Freeze-Up. We have been a Professional Septic System Service Provider since 1996. Over the years we have come across mistakes that property owners in Ham Lake and Andover, MN have made. Freezing problems can occur while your family is away on a vacation and then arrive home to a big sewer problem. A Certified Septic System Inspection is a great way to help avoid a costly problem.


Septic Inspections Help Avoid MN Septic System Freezing

Our Minnesota winters can be brutally cold. Last winter was a good example of a particularly frigid season with many frozen pipes being reported. A newly installed septic system or an older sewage treatment system are both at risk of having a costly septic system freeze-up. During a Septic System Inspection, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can check for any damage or other problems that put your septic system at a higher risk.

If any problems are found during the septic evaluation, we can help you to do Septic System Repairs, design a Replacement Septic System or put you in touch with a septic pumping technician who can help. You will be advised if there are regular septic maintenance procedures that you, the homeowner can do to fix the issues yourself.


Advice To Prevent Frozen Septic System

Andover, East Bethel, Ham Lake, Coon Rapids, MN and surrounding communities can follow this advise to help avoid a Frozen Septic System from happening to them.

  • During a winter vacation you should have someone come to your home and run water. They could take a hot shower, wash a load of laundry, flush the toilets, run the dishwasher… anything to keep water from freezing in the septic pipe or septic tank.
  • Cover the septic system with straw, hay or leaves in a year with little snow cover. This is especially true for a newly installed septic system that does not have proper vegetation growing on top.
  • Repair any leaky toilets, sinks or showers in your home to prevent dripping water from freezing in the sewer line from the house.
  • Avoid traffic on top of the septic system. The weight of a vehicle (auto, ATV or snowmobile), can cause the septic pipes to slump or bend. This creates a situation where liquid wastewater can become trapped and freeze.
  • Insulate around a new septic system including the manhole riser, inspection pipe and drainfield distribution box. You can add a thick layer of straw to all exposed soil around the area.
  • Leave a heavy layer of snowcover to accumulate on top of the entire sewage treatment system. Heavy snow works as a good insulator.


Certified MN Septic System Inspections

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for Certified Septic System Inspections that can help to Prevent Septic Systems from Freezing Up. We have 19 years of experience in Minnesota as a professional septic system provider. CSI is offering some advice on things homeowners in the Ham Lake and Andover, MN area can do to avoid a Costly Septic System Freeze-Up. If septic problems occur, contact us for septic system repairs or replacement septic systems.

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