Deciding on the Best Sewage Treatment System

When Mound System is Needed Becker MNThe kind of Sewage Treatment System used on Becker, MN properties may be one of several different design options. A Licensed Septic Professional like Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can test the Soil Conditions along with other important factors to decide which type of Wastewater Treatment System is best for each individual property and use. A Mound System is an alternative onsite septic system that may be needed if your home sits on top of High Water Tables, Coarse Soil or Shallow Bedrock below.


Mound Systems Are Alternative Septic System

Properties all around rural areas of Minnesota use an Onsite Septic System for sewage treatment. Mound Systems were first used in the 1970s as a way to overcome challenges with Soil and Water. The decision to install an alternate sewage treatment process must be made by a Licensed Septic Professional. The following are reasons that a Mound System may be your best option.

  • High Water Tables
  • Coarse Soil
  • Shallow Dirt with Bedrock beneath
  • Slow Penetration of Water and Gas through the soil


What is a Mound System for Sewage Treatment?

A Mound Septic System is a raised seepage bed where sand is used to provide adequate separation the wastewater and the soil. It is made up of a Septic Tank, Pump Tank and elevated mound filled with filtering and absorption materials such as Clean Sand, Top Soil, Fabric and Pipes. The above diagram shows what a typical mound system looks like.


Installing the Best Septic System for Your Property

As a MN Licensed Septic Professional, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) is able to evaluate the site where you plan to build a home on your Becker, MN property or the area where an existing septic system sits. We will check things like Soil Conditions and location of the Underground Water Table.

Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) is Certified by the MPCA and Licensed for Designing Septic Systems as well as Installing Septic Systems in Minnesota. During our nearly 20 years in business we have installed many Mound Systems that are still operating great today. A Mound System may not be cheap but it might be your best alternative to effectively remove harmful bacteria from your wastewater.


Licensed Minnesota Septic Professional

Make sure you contract with a Licensed MN Septic Professional for the Design and Installation of a Sewage Treatment System. Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a Minnesota business with almost two decades experience with Mound Systems in the Becker, MN area. We would love to visit your property for a site and soil evaluation to help you decide on the Best Sewage Treatment System for your home.

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