Wondering About That White PCV Sewer Pipe?

PVC Sewer Inspection Pipe | Princeton MNDo you have one or more of those skinny, White PVC Pipes sticking up in your yard? If you do, you are not alone. These are probably Inspection Pipes for your Septic System. Many homes in the Princeton and Zimmerman MN area have an underground system used to hold and treat sewage waste. Septic Systems often include a PVC Inspection Pipe which is typically between 3” and 6” in diameter. They allow your Septic Sewer Service Provider to monitor the level of liquids in the Soil Absorption Area, also known as a Drainfield. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) uses these narrow pipes as a convenient way to inspect the Sewer System.


PVC Septic Tank System Inspection Pipes

Each Residential Septic System is designed specifically to fit the needs of each individual home. A narrow, white PVC pipe is usually part of the overall Sewage Treatment Design. The pipe is designed to stick up out of the ground for easy access when checking to see if the system is working properly and when the Septic Tank needs to be pumped out again.


Never Pump Through Narrow White PVC Pipe

It is definitely Not a good idea to attempt to Pump Contents Out of the Septic Tank through the narrow, white PVC pipe sticking up above ground. They are made for Inspections and are not large enough to do a proper job of pumping out or cleaning a septic tank.


What Can I do with Septic Inspection Pipe?

Septic System Inspection Pipes should be fitted with a tight fitting cap that sits securely on top of the pipe. The cap is used to Protect the Sewer System and to ensure Proper Function. You don’t want cold air, rain, snow or debris to enter through the open pipe. Protective caps can be found at hardware or home improvement stores in the Princeton MN area.

  1. Always keep a Tight Fitting Cap secured to the top of the inspection pipe.
  1. Leave the White PVC septic inspection pipe sticking up out of the ground for easy access to inspect the sewer system.
  1. Narrow, White PVC pipe can be cut down to ground level so it is out of sight (remember to document the location)
  1. Hide or Disguise the pipe with lawn decorations or landscaping.


Professional Septic Services Provider

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a local, Professional Septic Service Provider with a lifetime of experience in the Minnesota Sewage Treatment Business. We provide professional Septic Design Plans, Sewage System Installation, Septic Compliance Inspections and Repairs. Feel free to contact one of our experts if you have more questions about Sewer Pipes and how they work.

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