Cold Weather Problems For Onsite Septics

Unfreezing Septic Systems Princeton MinnesotaAs the temperatures slowly climb out of the deep freeze many Princeton, Minnesota homeowners could be left with Onsite Septic System Problems. When the Cold Polar Vortex sets in for several days as it has this year, Septic Tanks, Sewer Lines and Drainfields can freeze resulting in a Sewage Backup or other plumbing hazards. If your is frozen there are steps that you should take to prevent further issues and safety concerns. At CSI Custom Septic, Inc. we would like to offer some helpful tips on What You Can Do When Your Septic System Freezes.


Reasons For Frozen Septic Systems

A septic system that has been Properly Designed, Installed and Maintained should be able to withstand a cold Minnesota winter. With that being said there are Reasons for Frozen Solid Septic Systems when the temps dip down into the extreme level of cold. Even indoor plumbing fixtures have been freezing up and failing to work in these frigid conditions. Your sewage system could freeze up under the following conditions and cause Sewage Odors or Backed Up Toilets or Drains.

  • Light Snow Cover over the septic tank and soil treatment area
  • Leaky Plumbing Fixtures dripping into pipes
  • Irregular Water Use during vacation or seasonal cabin
  • Compacted Snow providing little insulating power
  • Poorly Draining Sewer Pipes due to improper installation
  • Compacted Soil in drainfield
  • Lack of Insulation from plants, mulch or straw
  • Cold Air Entering through uncapped inspection pipe or manhole
  • Wastewater Overload by failing to have the septic tank pumped when needed, too many chemicals in the system or poor maintenance


Dealing With Frozen Septic Tank or Drainfleld

A Failed or Frozen Septic System is no joke. If you are smelling sewage odors, toilets are not flushing properly, hearing gurgling sounds in drains or have water backing up – Call Your State Licensed On Site Septic System Professional to check for damages and make all needed repairs. You may need to have the septic tank pumped out often until the drainfield unfreezes.


What Not To Do With Frozen Septic System

  1. Don’t add antifreeze or chemicals to the septic tank
  2. Don’t try to thaw the septic system with a fire
  3. Don’t run water continuously in an attempt to thaw the pipes
  4. Don’t pump out sewage water onto the ground


Minnesota Septic System Experts

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has Septic System Experts with many years of experience dealing with Minnesota winters. We provide excellent and Cost Effective Septic Services to proactively Prevent Frozen Septic Systems. Do not try to unfreeze your sewage system by attempting any of the unsafe methods listed above. Call your Licensed Septic Professionals for best results.

In the Princeton, Minnesota area contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Professional Septic Services and Repairs at: 763-218-4769.