Septic Tank Warning System

What Do I Do If Septic Alarm Goes Off? Ramsey MNMany Ramsey MN homes rely on their own On Site Septic System to collect, treat and distribute sewage and wastewater. Some of these sewer systems are equipped with a Septic Tank Alarm that serves as a Warning System that the pump is Malfunctioning. The problem could be as simple as a Tripped Breaker or something more serious like a Mechanical Problem or a Clogged Outflow Line. Call a Licensed Septic Repair Company like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. if you are unable to reset the breaker panel.


Why Is My Septic Tank Alarm Going Off?

Septic Tank Float Alarm Systems are designed to warn the homeowner that there is a problem with the Septic Pump. The alarm is probably set to go off when the water level rises to within a few inches of the top of the tank. Since nobody wants to see Sewage Backing Up Into The Plumbing Of Your Home, it is important to act quickly if your alarm is going off.

Reasons Why Your Septic Tank Alarm Is Going Off or Red Light Staying On:

  1. Tripped Circuit Panel Breaker
  2. Electrical Problem with the Septic Pump
  3. Mechanical Problem with Septic Tank Pump
  4. Septic Alarm Malfunction
  5. Clogged Outflow Line
  6. Failed On/Off Float Switch
  7. Broken Pump Timer
  8. Too Much Water Being Used In Home
  9. Excessive Rain or Flood Waters Entering Septic Tank


Steps To Take When Septic Alarm Goes Off

If you hear an alarm coming from the Septic Pump Tank, Don’t Panic!

  1. Push the Silence Button on the alarm. Look for a Green Light that indicates the alarm has power. A Red Light indicates a problem with the Pump or one of its components.
  2. Look for a Tripped Circuit Breaker or GFI. Reset the panel if needed.
  3. Stop Running Water for up to 8 hours to see if the pump can clear out the excess water and turn off by on its own.
  4. Call CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to have the septic system Inspected and Repaired if necessary.


Licensed MN Septic Repair Company

As a Licensed Septic Repair Company, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides Quality Septic Services to keep your home’s sewer system healthy and in optimal working order. If you hear your Septic Alarm Going Off and need help to Repair the problem, don’t hesitate to give CSI a call. Our team fixes issues with septic pumps, switches and alarms along with other septic components.

Remember to practice regular Maintenance and Inspections to avoid unnecessary sewer problems on your property.

In the Ramsey MN area, call CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Quality Septic System Inspections and Repairs at (763) 218-4769