Sewer Odors or Sewage Back Up in Homes

What If Septic System Fails? Elk River MNOnsite Septic Systems in Elk River and the surrounding Minnesota communities are generally very reliable. With the Appropriate Design and Preventive Maintenance you should be able to count on safe and effective Sewage Disposal and Wastewater Treatment for decades. Failure to have the septic tank pumped out as needed, approximately every 3 years is one of the main reasons that a Drain Field can become Clogged leading to Septic System Failure. If this happens at your home, cabin or commercial property, you can contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Septic System Repairs. If you have Sewer Odors or Sewage Back Up inside of your home, you may want to contact your local health department to prevent illness from sewage contamination.


Avoid Contact With Sewage

When a Sewer System Malfunctions or an Individual Septic System Fails the results can be devastating. Untreated sewage contains disease causing bacteria and harmful pathogens. Anyone who comes in contact with sewage should use extreme caution to prevent contamination or illness. Wear protective clothing, eye protection, rubber gloves, boots and a face mask if you cannot Avoid Contact With Sewage.


What Causes Septic System Failure?

There is not just one simple thing that can cause a Septic System to Fail. Starting out with a proper design and continuing with regular maintenance are the best ways to avoid septic system failure. Here are some of the common problems that MN Septic Repair Companies find when repairing a failed system.


  • Inappropriate Septic System Design – Soil conditions not aligned with type of system, excessive slope on site of septic components, not enough soil depth, high water tables, etc.


  • Neglecting to Perform Maintenance – Septic tanks should be inspected and pumped out regularly. A typical septic tank will need to be cleaned every 3 to 5 years or solids may work their way out and clog the drainfield.


  • Tree Roots – Roots can grow into sewer pipes, infiltrate drain field lines or septic tanks where they can thrive on nutrients found in sewage waste.


  • Bacteria Killing Products – Septic systems rely on bacteria to organically break down and remove contaminants from sewage liquids and solids. Antibacterial soaps, cleaning products, bleach and chemicals can kill off too much of the bacterial action inside of the septic tank and soil field.


  • Garbage Inside Septic Tank – Nothing but organic human waste, water and toilet tissue should go in the toilet. Also be careful what goes down the drain. NO Grease, fat, lint, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, food waste, paint, etc.


  • Excessive Water Overload – Flooding or running too much water into the system can cause it to malfunction, leak or allow solids to migrate out of the septic tank.


  • Construction or Traffic – Driving or building on top of septic system components can cause damage to the sewer lines, compact soil in treatment area or damage septic tanks.


Licensed Septic System Repair Company

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a Licensed Septic Repair Company that provides excellent customer service and repairs for all types of Minnesota septic systems. Call us if you notice Sewer Odors, Slow Drains, Sewage Back Up or other signs of Septic System Failure.

In Elk River MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Professional Septic System Repairs at: 763-218-4769.