What Is An On-Site Septic System?

What is a Septic System? Zimmerman MNDid you know that the goal of each sewage treatment and disposal system is to protect the health and well being of humans and the environment? There are many different names for such a vital operation that really mean the same thing, a Septic System. The U of M program for Certified Septic Professionals will refer to a septic system as a Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS). It can also be called an Individual Sewage Treatment System (ISTS), On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF) and many more variations on the name. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a Licensed Septic Services Provider that understands all of the lingo, the importance of maintenance and how different types of Zimmerman MN septic system work.


Organic Sewage Treatment Process

In the most general of terms, an On-Site Septic System is designed to get the dangerous organisms out of the wastewater before it is allowed to enter back into the groundwater or surface water. This Organic Sewage Disposal and Treatment System provides and effective process for killing off, disinfecting and removing contaminants as the waste water travels through the entire system. Most Zimmerman MN septic systems have one or more water tight septic tanks that collect all human waste and waste water that is generated from the home.


Septic System Components

There are several different types of septic systems in and around the Zimmerman MN area. On site systems can be built Below Grade, At-Grade or Above Grade, such as a Mound System. Each type of system may include other elements such as Pumps, Effluent Screens, Alarms, Inlet Pipes, Outlet Valves, Inspection Pipe, Manhole Cover, Perforated Pipes, etc.

Basic Septic System Components Include:

  • Septic Tank or Septic Tanks for storage and pre-treatment of sewer
  • Soil Absorption Field (aka Drainfield) for final treatment and dispersal for recycling back into the groundwater


Other Names For Septic Systems

  • On-Site Septic System
  • On Site Sewage Facility (OSSF)
  • Individual Sewage Treatment System (ISTS)
  • Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System
  • Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS)
  • Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS)
  • Private Septic Tank System
  • On Site Sewer Systems
  • Above Grade Septic System
  • Mound System
  • Sewage Treatment and Disposal System
  • Traditional Gravity Flow Septic System
  • Non-Traditional Septic Systems
  • Conventional Septic System
  • Aerobic Septic System
  • Sand Filter Septic System
  • Pressure Distribution Septic Systems
  • Independent Sewage Collection, Treatment and Disposal System


MN Licensed Septic Services Provider

It doesn’t really matter what your type of septic system is called. What matters is that you take good care of the system in order to keep it in good working condition. As a MN Licensed Septic Services Provider, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. knows all of the ins and outs of what makes each Onsite Sewage Treatment System operate as efficient as possible, for as long as possible and for as little hassle as possible. Check out our Septic System FAQs page for more information.

In Zimmerman MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Professional Septic System Inspections, Installations and Repairs at: (763) 218-4769