Avoid Septic System Issues

How to Avoid Clogged PipesChristmas is almost here and New Year Day is not far behind. This is often a very busy time of the year with shopping and holiday parties. If you are entertaining at your Elk River, Minnesota home this holiday season, don’t be caught off guard by a Clogged Drain or with more serious Septic Problems. The Causes of Clogged Pipes can often be avoided if you are willing to use caution in the kitchen and bathroom. Professional Septic Repair Businesses like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. want to help you Avoid Septic System Issues that could put a real damper on your family Christmas celebration or when you are ringing in the New Year with friends.


Causes of Clogged Drains and Pipes

Some of the most common causes of clogged drains and pipes begin in the kitchen. Using a Garbage Disposal can be very convenient at the time when you are preparing for a holiday dinner but could lead to bigger problems down the line. Cooking grease is another big contributor to clogging problems. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for Avoiding Clogged Pipes.


Dos and Don’ts for Avoiding Clogged Pipes

  • Do Limit the use of Garbage Disposals when you have an on-site septic system. The food waste materials can block plumbing pipes in the home and create a buildup of extra waste materials inside of the septic tank. Regular use of a garbage disposer can increase the frequency of needing to have the tank pumped out.


  • Do Put Food Scraps in the Trash or Compost bin to reduce the chances of a clogging up the system.


  • Do Dissolve Grease Buildup in Pipes by pouring a mixture of dish soap and warm water down the drain. Washing dishes can leave a greasy residue in kitchen drains and plumbing pipes.


  • Do Install a Washing Machine Lint Filter to the end of the outlet hose. Or any type of filtering system that reduces non-organic materials from ending up inside of the septic tank.


  • Don’t Pour Grease, Oil or Fat down the drains. These materials harden inside of the plumbing pipes resulting in clogs.


  • Don’t Flush Wet Wipes of any kind. This includes “Flushable Wipes” that have caused many problems in city sewer systems and individual septic tank systems.


  • Don’t Put Anything Down the Toilet other than organic human waste, septic safe toilet tissue and water. Even if the product says that it can be safely flushed down the toilet – Don’t Do It! Or you will be looking at larger pumping and septic repair bills.


Professional Septic System Repair Business

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides honest and reliable Septic System Repairs that can help to prevent a malfunction. Take the advice of a Professional Septic Repair Business. By following the suggested Tips for Avoiding Clogged Pipes, Septic Tanks and Drainfields, you can expect to have fewer problems during the busy Christmas and holiday time.

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