Effectively Treating and Recycling Wastewater

Understand Septic Systems Walker MNWith approximate 1 in 4 Minnesota properties using a Personal Septic System to treat wastewater the need for properly working systems is very high. In the Walker MN area with its vast shoreland the importance of effective sewage treatment is multiplied. The job of an On-site Sewage Treatment System (aka Septic System) is to safely Treat and Recycle Wastewater before it returns to the environment. For systems to be compliant with state and local codes they must be Designed and Installed by a Licensed Minnesota Septic Contractor such as Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) in nearby MN. It is up to the individual property owner to make sure that septic systems are kept properly maintained.


Why Do I Need an On-site Sewage Treatment System?

Just stop and think of the Environmental Impact of human waste entering into the local water supply untreated. US, Minnesota and local rules are made to protect the health and wellbeing of human beings as well as the natural environment. It is much more Cost Effective to keep a Septic System Maintained than to pay for expensive repairs or premature replacement. Your property values will also decline if there isn’t a properly maintained and working Onsite Sewage Treatment System Installed.

  1. Health and wellbeing of your family and community
  2. Protecting local Environment and water supply
  3. Prolonging the lifetime of the sewage treatment system
  4. Saving Money on septic system repairs or replacement
  5. Keeping Property Values high


How Does Septic System Treat Sewage?

When done right a Personal Septic System works as good as, if not better than a large commercial sewer system. An onsite sewage treatment system relies on good old nature to make wastewater safe for the environment.

Although there are several different types of septic systems used in the Walker / Hackensack MN area, most share the same 3 basic parts: Household Plumbing, underground Septic Tank and a Soil Treatment component.

After waste water and toilet waste are collected by the Plumbing system they move on to the watertight Septic Tank where the solids and liquids are separated. The liquid layer is able to flow on out to the Soil Treatment zone where nature takes its course. Bacteria in the soil eats away at harmful elements within the wastewater before it travels back into the underground water source.


Licensed Minnesota Septic Contractor

As a highly experienced and reliable Licensed MN Septic Contractor, Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is here to help. We currently hold a MPCA License for Septic System Design, Septic Compliance Inspections and Septic System Installation. Nobody in the Walker / Hackensack / Akeley / MN area does it better.

Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for your On-site Sewage Treatment System needs at (763)-218-4769 or (218) 564-5800.