Tips To Ensure Your Septic System Is Not Overwhelmed This Holiday SeasonWith millions of Americans rushing around to prepare for the Christmas season, it can be easy to overlook some of the systems at our own homes. Not many people think twice about having all the in-laws over for the holidays, cooking up big meals, etc., but extra people and usage will mean increased stress and strain on your toilets, showers, and other water resources, putting a strain on your septic system this season. Is your system able to withstand this extra usage? Perhaps. The team at Custom Septic in Minnesota want you to be as prepared as you can, to avoid any catastrophic events with septic or sewage this season!

Dishwasher usage: Dishwashers use much less water than hand washing, and this should be a general practice year-round, but ensuring that you are only running the dishwasher when full will save in several ways. By waiting until the dishwasher is full, you will use less water, creating less wastewater, and therefore will put less strain on your septic system. Better yet, if the in-laws will allow, using disposable or recyclable dishes and flatware will save all around!

Laundry usage: Having the family staying over means that bed sheets and linens will all have to be washed ahead of time to prepare but will also mean more usage during their stay. Similar to dishwasher usage, staggering the use of the laundry over several days will prove to be more beneficial to your septic tank. Alternatively, if your washing machine can handle large loads, combine loads to minimize usage.

Shower Usage: It goes without saying that the bathrooms will be overworked when the family is in town. It may sound harsh but consider limiting the time that one spends in the shower at any given time. It is also not a bad thing to consider staggering shower times throughout the day to minimize the strain on your systems. Also be aware of shower usage when running laundry or the dishwasher, etc.

Remind everyone of what can and cannot be flushed: Who thinks of this detail? Many guests may live in houses that use more powerful systems or waste systems that are connected to the city’s utility service. These guests do not have to think too much about what is flushed. Septic systems are more susceptible to damages as the waste is held in a tank on your property. Items that should not be flushed with a septic tank include feminine items, diapers, wet wipes (even if noted as “flushable”), cooking grease, floss, cotton balls, cigarette butts, pills, and any other non-biodegradable items.

Still Have Septic System Worries?

Of course, the best thing to do ahead of time is to ensure that your septic system is pumped and have the system inspected professionally to ensure optimum efficiency. If, despite your best efforts, experience any septic system issues, or heaven forbid, you experience a septic emergency, the team at Custom Septic are standing by to serve you. Serving most of Minnesota, call (763) 218-4769 or email We’re available 24/7!