Tips For First-Time Owners Of Septic SystemsMoving can be an exciting time, whether you’re moving for a job outside your home, upgrading to a larger house for your family, or downsizing for empty nesters. But there are some key distinctions to consider when transitioning from a home with a sewer system to one with a septic tank.

Maintaining and repairing a sewer system is the responsibility of the homeowner. To do this, it’s essential to know where your septic tank is situated and when it was last pumped. Furthermore, gauge how large the tank is and create an effective maintenance plan.

Although you may not have the funds to have your septic tank pumped twice annually, it is an absolute necessity. Septic pumping removes any wastes from within the tank that cannot be easily dissolved and leads to the buildup of scum or sludge that could eventually lead to failure of the system. Septic tanks should be pumped approximately every 3-5 years for optimal effectiveness.

Tank cleaning differs from tank pumping: Some septic companies won’t go the extra mile to clean your tank after you have pumped the waste out. Be sure to inquire about septic tank cleaning so your tank lasts longer.

It is essential to regularly inspect your septic tank: A septic inspection is an excellent way for homeowners to save money and hassle. We will inspect your tank for any signs of sewage leakage or odors, as well as evaluate the drain field lines in your system to make sure they’re functioning optimally in absorption duties.

Be mindful when flushing anything down the toilet: When using a septic system, there are certain rules you should adhere to. Only “septic-safe” toilet paper and other waste should be flushed down the line; avoid pouring oils or harsh chemicals down the drain as these can harm the tank’s pH balance. Although septic tanks can last for many years without maintenance, proper care and attention to their health are essential.

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