Basement Sump Pump System Runoff

Sump Pump Septic System Failure St Francis MNThis unusually rainy month of May has many St Francis MN homeowners thinking about installing a Basement Sump Pump system. A sump pump with drain tile can make a huge difference in whether on not your home sustains Water Damage from excessive rainfall. All though they can be a real asset, Sump Pump Runoff can also cause Sewer or Septic System Problems if not connected properly. Your Licensed Septic Repair Contractor at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. would hate to see our valued customers make a simple mistake that could cost them Thousands of Dollars to fix. Water discharged from a sump pump outlet hose can overwhelm and Backup a public Sewer System or your own Private Septic Tank and Drainfield.


Sump Pump Connections

If you check around with local Minnesota cities they are likely to have regulations related to Sump Pump Connections. A cross connection, a term used for connecting a sump pump directly to a Sanitary Sewer Line, is often frowned upon. Water that is pumped out from the drain tile beneath your foundation is considered to be Rain Water or Clear Water. It does not need to be treated the same as Wastewater, Black Water or Sewage from toilets, showers, laundry, etc.


Discharging Sump Pump Runoff

Minnesota’s rainy season typically runs from March thruough October. It is during this time that your Sump Pump with kick in and begin to drain water away from the foundation. The water usually comes from a heavy rainfall or from rapid snow melt. The drain line should direct Sump Pump Discharge to either a municipal storm sewer if available, or else out about 20 feet away from the home’s foundation.

Sewage Backups from Sump Pump Overload can be avoided. Make sure that the Sump Pump Drainage Hose does not direct water towards your septic tank or drainfield. This could Overload Your Septic System and cause it to fail.


Licensed Septic Repair Contractor

As a Licensed Septic Contractor, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can provide real solutions for Septic System Problems caused by an incorrect Sump Pump Connection. Our team is licensed for Septic System Repairs that includes Septic Tanks, Sewer Pipes and Drainage Fields. Its best to give us a call before Septic System Failure has occurred. Hazardous conditions caused by Toxic Sewer Gas or Sewage Contaminated Wastewater should only be dealt with by a trained professional.

In St Francis MN and Anoka County MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for a Free Estimate on Septic System Repairs at (763) 218-4769