Yearly Septic System Care & Maintenance

Septic Tank Spring Cleaning Corcoran MNIt is once again time to set your clocks to Spring Ahead. This is a good time to also change the batteries in your smoke detectors and schedule your Spring Time Septic System Maintenance. An Annual Septic System Inspection is a great place to start. Doing things like cleaning or replacing Effluent Screens and Filters or having the Septic Tank Cleaned can help to extend the lifetime of the system. As a Licensed Septic Inspector, Brad Krotzer of CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has a wealth of knowledge and experience with Residential Septic Tank Systems in the Corcoran MN area.


Locating Septic Tank | Mound | Pump | Drainfield

Do you know the Location of your Septic Tank, Septic Mound or Drain Field? What about Septic Pumps, Alarms and Filters? Your septic services provider can assist in locating all components of your individual sewer system.

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can help with documenting the location and current condition of every function of the septic system to make Maintaining Your Septic System easier in the future. Ask about installing a Manhole Cover Access Riser can save both time and money spent on locating and accessing the septic tank.


Septic System Spring Cleaning To Do List

  • Annual Septic System Inspection
  • Change Septic Tank Filter
  • Clean Septic Tank Screens
  • Have Septic Tank Cleaned Out if needed
  • Replace or Repair Worn or Broken Parts
  • Avoid Using Garbage Disposal
  • Limit use of Anti-Bacterial Soaps, Detergents and Cleansers
  • Use Less Water During Snowmelt or Heavy Rain


Septic Inspection; What To Expect

A Yearly Septic System Inpection provides a closer look at mechanical components. Levels of Sludge, Liquid and FloatingĀ Scum inside of the tank should be monitored to know when to schedule the next pump out. Your Certified Septic Inspector may also want to evaluate the following items:

  • Condition of Septic Tank
  • Levels Inside of Septic Tank
  • Signs of Sewage Backup
  • Septic Tank Baffles
  • Check for Septic Tank Watertightness
  • Function of Electrical Pumps and Switches
  • Septic Tank Outlet Filters and Screens
  • Signs of Clogged or Blocked Pipes
  • Condition of Manhole Cover and Access Riser
  • Check for Biomat or Clogged Drainfield


MN Licensed Septic Inspector

Winter can be very hard on Minnesota Septic Systems. The cold temperatures, snow and freeze thaw cycles can put lots of stress on older or fragile septic components. By having a Licensed MN Septic Inspector do an evaluation and look for damage or abnormalities and fix any problems, a malfunction is much less likely to happen.

In Corcoran MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. @ (763) 218-4769 to schedule a Septic Inspection or Septic System Repair.