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Septic System Problems Solved Big Lake MNA Septic System is an Individual Sewage Treatment System right in your back yard. Determining the cause of common septic system problems may take a little bit of detective work. This article will look at a few common issues and what may be causing the sewage problem or septic malfunction. You can always contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for help with septic system related problems. CSI is a Licensed Septic Contractor that provides Septic Inspections, Septic Installations, Septic Designs and Repairs. We have locations in Big Lake, MN and in Northern Minnesota providing expert services around the Twin Cities Metro area.


House Drains Are Backing Up

With a Standard Residential Septic System, all water and sewage that exits your home must travel through Septic Pipes and into the underground Septic Tank. Wastewater includes waste coming from Showers, Laundry, Toilets, Sinks and Dishwashers. It is possible for a blockage to happen in the pipes within the home or inside the septic pipe leading from the home to the tank. Either scenario can cause a slow or clogged drain.


Contributing Factors to Clogged Drain and Septic Pipes

Pouring Fats or Cooking Grease down the drain can cause a buildup of solid fat that clogs pipes. Lint and fibers from clothing and other laundry items also add to materials that can block septic pipes. Installing a Lint Filter to the laundry outlet hose is a great way to prevent blocked pipes. Garbage Disposals should be avoided in Minnesota homes with an Individual Sewage Treatment System.


Don’t Flush That

Remind family and guests to be careful to Only Flush Organic Human Waste and Septic Safe Toilet Paper down toilets. This not only helps to prevent a sewer blockage it also helps the biological sewage treatment process inside of the septic tank and throughout the Drainfield. Flushing items such as feminine hygiene products, dental floss, diapers, baby wipes, facial tissue and condoms creates conditions in which the septic tank needs to pumped out more often.


Soggy Back Yard or Bad Sewage Odors

If the area of your Big Lake, MN yard is starting to get Swampy, you may have a Malfunction in the Septic Drainfield. Nasty Sewage Odors are another sign that there is a problem that needs to be dealt with by a Licensed Septic System Contractor. Failure to properly Maintain the septic system with regular pumping and cleaning of the septic tank is often the culprit. If solid waste materials are allowed to flow into the Soil Absorption area, the drainfield will become clogged and be ineffective.


Common Reasons For Septic Drainfield Malfunction

Another common reason for a Drainfield Malfunction is when the septic system is overwhelmed with more wastewater than is appropriate for the size of the septic tank or drain field. This can happen particularly with an older home that has a septic system designed to handle the typical amount of sewage and wastewater from years ago. When a new larger family moves in or household water usage increases substantially, the older system may not be able to keep up.

Septic Components can be damaged from driving, parking or building on top of the drainfield, septic pipes or septic tank. Intrusion from tree roots is another way that the septic system can become clogged or damaged resulting in a Septic Malfunction. Heavy rains and spring flooding can also overwhelm the soil absorption area. Limit water usage during this time.


Licensed MN Septic Contractor

Contact Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for help with Septic System Problems or Malfunction. Brad is a Licensed Minnesota Septic System Contractor with locations in Big Lake, MN and Northern Minnesota. We provide expert services including Septic Installation, Septic Design, Septic Inspections and Septic Repairs. Contact CSI for help with septic systems all around the Twin Cities Metro area. We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

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