Professional Soil Analysis

MN Septic System Soil Sampling Andover MNSoil Analysis is an important tool used for determining a Septic System Design and Size. A Certified Septic Professional who has been educated on Soil Sampling, Soil Boring & Perc Rate can assist in finding the best design for your property. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides Soil Testing Services in the Andover MN area as well as the surrounding MN counties. Our testing may include some excavation or a percolation test. The resulting Soil Profile can tell you information on the Texture, Structure, Consistency, Slope and Drainage Class in your yard.


Soil Based Private Sewage Disposal Systems

Several types of Private Sewage Disposal Systems used in Minnesota utilize a Septic Tank and Drainfield or Soil Absorption Area for sewer treatment. Soil Evaluations become a big factor in assessing a site’s suitability for installing a septic system. Commonly used Soil Based Septic Systems include the following:

  • Raised Septic Mound System
  • Gravity Trench Septic System
  • Pressurized Bed Sewage System
  • At-Grade Drain Field Sewer System


Soil Sampling | Soil Boring

Soil Sampling & Soil Boring methods used by CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can provide a good amount of information on the characteristics of the dirt at individual sites. The Soil Evaluation Report should give Septic System Designers and Installers information on the soil’s affect on water flow out of the septic system and back into the environment.


12 Soil Characteristics

Minnesota state and local Septic Code will specify the rules for Private Sewer Systems. A good MN Septic Professional can learn a lot of valuable information from a detailed Soil Evaluation Report. This information can then be used to design and build a proper Sewage Disposal System for each individual home. Results of the Soil Analysis study may include the following twelve Soil Characteristics:

  1. Horizon which is usually 4 to 7 layers that differ in clay content, color, etc. are often found within the 60 inches of soil analyzed
  1. Depth of each layer is recorded in inches
  1. Dominant Color using the Munsell chart. Examples include black, brown, gray, yellow and red
  1. Redox Features or Mottles are used to show seasonal high water fluctuations
  1. Coatings of clay or organic matter deposited in the horizons
  1. Structure of the soil formed by freezing & thawing, wetting & drying
  1. Texture described by the amount of sand, clay and silt in the soil
  1. Consistence of soil is measured by how easily it can be crushed by hand
  1. Drainage Class described the relative wetness before the soil has been modified by drain tile
  1. Slope & Aspect can be measured by how many feet the surface drops over the distance of 100 feet and the direction of the slope when looking downhill
  1. Soil Group & Loading Rate as determined by the soil structure, texture and consistence used to assign the sewage loading rate. The lowest rate in the upper 30 to 42 inches can be used in septic system designing
  1. Perc Rate correlates to loading rates of each horizon layer


MN Certified Septic Professional

MN Certified Professional Septic Services provided by CSI Custom Septic, Inc. includes Soil Boring and Soil Sampling. These testing methods can be very beneficial for Septic System Design and sizing. You want to have as much information as possible before a new Septic System Installation or Private Sewage Disposal System Replacement.

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