Signs Your Medina MN Septic System Needs RepairIf you have a septic system, it’s important to watch for signs that you may need septic tank repair. The best way to keep the system running smoothly is to schedule a septic tank pumping and visual septic tank inspections at least once every three years. The more you use your plumbing fixtures and appliances, the more you need to pump your septic tank. However, if you notice any of the following problems, disregard the recommended schedule and call for septic tank pumping and evaluation right away.

Sewage smell in your house or yard

When your septic system is operating normally, all gasses, liquids, and solids remain contained within the pipes and tank. Sewage odors in the yard is a sign that the drain field needs to be evaluated and may need repairs. If the smell is coming from inside the house, this is an early sign of a sewage backup. Call our professionals for septic tank repair without delay to avoid this emergency!

Backed up toilet or sink

This is a sure sign that your septic tank is damaged or overloaded and needs to be repaired. A sewage backup is a real plumbing emergency because if wastewater starts flowing into your house, it could cause serious water damage and cost thousands of dollars to clean up.

Slow draining drains

If you notice that all the sinks, bathtubs, and showers are draining slowly, your septic tank may be starting to back up or a pipe may be damaged. Service your slow drains promptly to avoid a worse plumbing problem.

Soggy areas or excessively green grass in your yard/drain field

If you notice standing water even though it hasn’t rained for a while, this is a sign that your drain field is not functioning properly. A slight sewage leak might not be enough to form puddles, but it delivers higher nutrient content to your lawn, allowing it to grow fast and green. While this may seem like a benefit, ignoring it could allow the leak to worsen and cause more damage to your yard and home.

If you live in Medina Minnesota, No matter what you need, if it involves a septic tank, we can help. We offer professional and courteous service, affordable pricing, and honest recommendations. If you have a septic system problem or just a simple question, do not hesitate to reach out to Custom Septic for assistance. For more information about our septic system services, call (763) 218-4769 or email