Signs Of A Septic System ProblemNo one wants to deal with a problem with their septic system. We all know what this means – sewage and the smell of sewage on your property. Custom Septic specializes in helping Minnesota property owners with all types of septic system problems. There are many causes for septic system issues and the experienced professionals at Custom Septic can assess your septic system quickly and determine exactly what needs to be repaired. We offer the following tips for knowing that you have a potential problem with your septic system:

1. Strong odors – These sewage odors can be indoors or outdoors

2. Soggy soil or standing water in the drain field – You should always keep an eye out when you walk around the outside of your property for an unusual soggy area. This may be a sign of a septic system problem.

3. Slow toilets and sinks (draining or flushing)

4. A high volume of weed or algae growth near your septic system
5. Sewage backups into your home – you may notice sewage backing up into a shower or tub on the lowest floor of your home.

Minnesota Septic System Repair Company

Many systems have trouble as they age or because of simple overuse. Or it is possible that you have a leaking toilet or dripping sink, or broken pipe or a clog that is the cause of the problem. It is never good to ignore the signs that there might be a septic system issue. You are better off dealing with the problem immediately to prevent any potential damage to your property.

If you are currently not noticing any problems with your septic system, one of the best things you can do to prevent a problem in the future is to complete routine septic system inspections. Custom Septic can complete an inspection on your property. We will ensure that your system follows the state guidelines and that we do not see a problem with the piping, drainage, etc. Very often, we notice a very small issue that could have resulted in a big problem for a client!

Septic System Inspection And Repair

Your home is your most valuable investment. If you think that you might have a problem with your septic system or simply want to have it inspected, give the team at Custom Septic a call at 763-218-4769. We offer low interest options, take all major credit cards and will respond quickly to your needs.