Identify & Repair Septic Sewer Problems

12 Common Sewer Issues Nowthen MNIf you have ever experienced Sewer Problems then you understand the need to get the issues resolved as quickly and safely as possible. A Sewage Backup or Methane Sewer Gas can usually be avoided with the help of a trained professional. Nowthen MN residents with a Septic Tank System can call Licensed Septic System Professionals at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Septic Inspections and Repair services. This blog post is here to provide answers to help you identify and fix some Common Septic System Failure Signs that you hopefully will never have to deal with on your property.


Twelve Common Septic System Failure Signs

Do you know what to look for as Symptoms of a Failing Septic System?

12 Warning Signs That Your Septic System May Need Servicing or Repair:

  1. Rotten Eggs Sewer Gas Smell coming from areas of sewer line or septic system components
  2. Slow Drainage in sinks, showers, laundry or floor drains
  3. Gurgling Sounds coming from plumbing fixtures or drains
  4. Slow Flushing or Overflowing Toilet
  5. Standing Water over or around drainage field
  6. Soggy or Squishy Feeling Lawn over leach or drain field
  7. Very Lush Green Grass above septic tank or soil treatment area
  8. High Volume of Green or Black Algae Growth creating a biomat by drainfield
  9. Sewage Backing Up Into Home indicates a clogged or failed septic sewage system
  10. Failed Well Water Safety Test with high levels of nitrates
  11. Intestinal Disorders after drinking the home’s well water
  12. Septic Alarm Going Off without it being related to tripped fuse box


Get Rid Of Foul Sewer Gas Smell

Besides being very unpleasant to inhale, Hazardous Sewer Gas can be very dangerous. It contains Methane Gas and Bacteria that can cause headaches or illness with prolonged exposure. A buildup of methane gas could result in an explosion. If you smell a Foul Odor Similar to Rotten Eggs, Don’t Ignore It!


Licensed Septic System Repair Professionals

If you are experiencing Septic System Issues, don’t wait until you end up with a mess. A Licensed Septic System Professional at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can provide you with a comprehensive Septic Inspection to identify the underlying cause of the problem. You will be provided with an honest assessment and plan for Repairing your septic tank sewer system.

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