Dangerously Polluted Waterways

Sewage Treatment Ham Lake MNHow would you like to train for years to become the best in your sport and then find out that you may have to compete on the world stage in Contaminated Poopy Water? This summer’s Olympic Athletes may have to find this out for themselves. Fortunately, Ham Lake MN residents shouldn’t have to worry about Dangerously Polluted Waterways if they follow MN Regulations and take advice from MPCA Certified Septic Professionals at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI). Untreated Sewage is considered to be a Biohazard Material for very good reason; exposure to Untreated Human Waste Materials can make a person Very Sick.


Sewage Contaminated Water

The excitement and anticipation are growing as the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are drawing closer. The city of Rio is working hard to get ready for the multitude of Olympic Athletes, worldwide media and spectators. Unfortunately, there have been very troubling reports of Sewage Contaminated Water at some of the venues used for sailing, rowing and even swimming competitions. There is a very real fear that athletes will be sickened after coming in contact with Virus Causing Raw Untreated Sewage (poop & urine) that flows into area waterways. Exposure to a Waterborne Illness is very concerning.


Collection | Treatment | Disposal of Human Waste

Not every area of the world takes Sewage Treatment as seriously as the USA. In Minnesota, the MPCA in charge of overseeing the Collection, Treatment and Disposal of Human Waste and wastewater. With at least 25% of MN homes using an On Site Septic System, this is a critically important job. There is no need to expose yourself to serious contamination.


Expert Septic System Services

Ham Lake MN homeowners and property managers can count on the Expert Septic System Services provided by the team at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI).


MPCA Certified MN Septic Professional

The situation in Rio is a good example of why the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) regulates how Ham Lake MN residents Collect, Treat and Dispose of Human Waste. The thought of Minnesota citizens dealing with a Biohazard Emergency from Untreated Sewage Waste is almost unthinkable. This should never happen in an area that prides ourselves on a high quality of life.

Professionals from MPCA Certified, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) provide Expert Septic Services including Inspection, Design, Installation and Repairs.

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