Septic System Dye Testing

Septic Dye Test Big Lake MNSeptic Dye Tests are used to identify a failing Septic System. This inexpensive test provides limited information on the actual condition of the overall On-site Sewage Treatment System but it can be a useful tool. Dye testing is often done during a home inspection, prior to transfer of property. An in-depth Septic System Inspection is handled by a MPCA Licensed Septic Contractor like Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI). We have been providing qualified septic inspections in the Big Lake, MN area for more than 19 years.


Dye Test of Private Sewage Treatment System

During the sale of a property a Homebuyer, Realtor or Lending Institution often asks for a Dye Test of the Septic System. It is a non-invasive diagnostic tool used to evaluate the current condition of the wastewater treatment system. Test results are limited to the performance of one area of the entire septic system.

The inspector will introduce brightly colored dye into the treatment system, usually through a lower level toilet. If the fluorescent dye surfaces in the absorption field or nearby lake, river or stream it indicates a problem. A Failed Septic System Dye Test indicates that the system may be failing.


Septic System Dye Testing Protocol

When performing Septic System Dye Testing the inspector generally utilizes the following procedures:

  1. Document property and septic system information
  2. Speak with the property owner and document system history
  3. Visual inspection of interior plumbing to look for evidence of a sewage backup or improper functioning toilets
  4. Visually inspect exposed septic system components and check for discharge from downspouts, sump pump or drain tile
  5. Check property for evidence of a problem such as bad odors, saturated or soggy soil
  6. Look for septic system pumps or alarm systems and visually inspect for evidence of an overflow
  7. Determine the correct volume of water needed to do the dye test properly
  8. Introduce brightly colored dye into the system through one or more fixtures (more than one dye color may be used)
  9. Run enough water necessary to maintain the proper flow rate
  10. Visually check the property and neighboring property for evidence of fluorescent dye
  11. Inspect the basement for backup of wastewater or dye
  12. Provide a written report of the findings


MPCA Licensed Septic Contractor

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for professional Septic System Inspections. We are Licensed Septic Contractors that have been approved by the MPCA. Our expertise on Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems in Big Lake, MN provides you peace of mind. CSI can conduct Septic Dye Testing along with more in-depth Septic System Evaluations to determine the current health of your private wastewater treatment system.

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