Proper Care & Maintenance of Septic Systems

Septic System Care & Maintenance Becker MNYou care for your body by eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. The Sewage Treatment System in the backyard of your Becker, MN property also needs Proper Care & Maintenance to remain healthy and doing a good job. Septic System Experts at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) understand the importance of Regular Inspections and Maintenance. When you consider the cost of replacing a Failed Septic System or cleaning up the aftermath of a sewage spill, you may want to pay attention to simple things that you can do to Keep Your Septic System Healthy.


Regular Sewage System Inspections

Regular Sewage System Inspections can save you from having to Replace a Failed Septic System. As a MN Septic System Expert, Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) knows how to detect problems early before they become much more expensive to fix. We can let you know when the septic tank needs to be pumped out and if the sewer pipes are becoming clogged up. Our website offers information on ways that you can Keep Your Septic System Healthy and working great.


10 Septic System Care & Maintenance Tips

  1. Regular Septic System Inspections about every 3 years
  2. Pumping out septic tank approximately every 1 to 3 years
  3. Spread out laundry throughout the week rather than running loads back to back all at once
  4. Don’t use more laundry soap or cleaning products than are recommended by the manufacturer
  5. Avoid using septic tank additives that may cause more harm than good
  6. Avoid using a garbage disposal or keep usage to a minimum
  7. Maintain a low maintenance ground cover on top of septic tank and drainfield region
  8. Fix leaky faucets, drippy showers and running toilets
  9. Direct sump pump hoses and gutter downspouts away from septic system
  10. Watch what you flush down the toilet or pour down a drain. Here is a partial list of Septic System No-No’s: cigarette butts, tampons, baby wipes, personal wipes, facial tissues, condoms, paper towels, hair, paint, cooking grease, food waste, medications and poisons


Minnesota Septic System Experts

Choosing the right septic contractor is important when you want to make sure everything is done right and up to code. Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) are MN Septic System Experts with almost twenty years in the business. We understand Proper Sewage System Care & Maintenance and why it is so necessary for Saving Money and keeping your Family Healthy. A Failed Septic System can be expensive, dangerous and a big smelly mess. Be smart and Keep Your Septic System Healthy!

In Becker, Big Lake or Northern Minnesota, contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for a Free Estimate on Septic Inspections at 763-218-4769