Having Septic Tank Pumped Out Essential

When to Pump Septic Tank Big Lake MNFor Big Lake, Minnesota homes that use an on lot Septic Sewage System, having the Septic Tanks Pumped Out is essential. The frequency of how often to have a tank emptied out is determined by several factors. As a general rule of thumb, experts recommend having Septic Tank Pumping done about once every 2 or 3 years for best performance. Cleaning the septic tanks on a regular basis is a good way to maintain the overall health of the Septic Tank and Soil Absorption Field. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. Designs and Installs Septic Systems that can last for decades with proper care including Cleaning Out Contents of Septic Tank.


When Should You Empty Septic Tank Contents?

Since there are many different factors that affect the inner workings of a septic system it is a good idea to have the Septic Tank Evaluated by an experienced professional. Once you have a better understanding of the capacity and demand that your lifestyle puts on the septic tank and soil absorption area you can establish a regular frequency for having your Septic Tank Pumped. Most homes will do best when the septic tank is emptied out on 3 year intervals. Some systems may need pumping yearly and some may not require a pumping service for 5 or more years.

Tip: A good time to schedule a septic tank cleaning is right before leaving for vacation. This allows the drainfield extra time to dry out and digest biomat materials that have accumulated in the soil treatment area.


Factors Affecting Septic Tank Pumping Frequency

  • Size and capacity of the septic tank
  • Health of soil absorption area (drainfield)
  • Proper design and installation of septic components
  • Amount of wastewater flowing into septic tank daily
  • Volume of organic solids that go into the tank on a regular basis
  • Amount of non-biodegradable solids that are put into the septic system (plastics, wet wipes, kitty litter, cigarette butts, tampons, condoms, dental floss, facial tissues, coffee grounds, fabric lint, etc.)
  • Overuse of chemicals, detergents and bleach
  • Consuming medications that end up in urine and feces
  • Age of residents as it pertains to water usage
  • Using a garbage disposal
  • Pouring cooking grease, fat or oil down the drain
  • Amount of antibacterial soaps used
  • Care and maintenance procedures being followed


Local Septic System Design and Installation

Do your self a favor and get in the habit of taking good care of your Septic Tank and entire Septic System. A little preventive maintenance can go a long way in prolonging the lifespan of an On-lot Septic Sewage System. Establishing a good working relationship with your Local Septic Professional at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can save you time and money. It may also prevent you from needing a New Septic System Designed and Installed.

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