Septic Tank Lids | Manhole Cover | Access Risers

Septic Manhole Covers and Risers Wadena CountyWadena MN properties that use an Onsite Septic System will most likely have a Septic Tank to hold the sewage and waste water. When the time comes to have the tank pumped out it should always be done through the Septic Tank Manhole Cover or Tank Lid. Older septic systems often have the manhole cover buried approximately one foot under groung. This can make locating and digging up the tank lid challenging since it will need to be done about every two to three years. Installing a Septic Tank Access Riser can be the simplest way to get the job done with an older sewer system. New Septic Systems Installed by Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) have the manhole cover lying flush with the ground so in that case an access riser isn’t necessary.


Installing a Manhole Cover Access Riser

Having to find and dig up the manhole cover every time the septic tank needs pumping is not cheap. Installing a Manhole Cover Access Riser can be a very wise investment. It allows easier access for septic maintenance companies. In return, your septic tank pumping bill can be less expensive each time you call for service.

A Septic Manhole Cover is also known as a Septic Tank Lid or a Maintenance Cover. They are used to make septic tank cleaning faster, easier and more complete than trying to work around a smaller, more constricted space. Installing an extension to the septic tank opening provides better accessibility in case of a problem.


Manhole Extension Risers

An Access or Extension Riser may be made of several different materials. They are made to rest on top of the septic tank and raise the manhole cover up to grade level for easier locating when needed. The Septic Tank Lid fits on top of the Manhole Extension Riser. Make sure the fit is watertight to prevent flooding of the tank. The riser can be made of any one of the following materials:

  • Metal Adjustment Rings
  • Plastic Access Risers
  • Concrete Extension Risers
  • Polyethylene Material


Wadena County Sewer Contractor

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a highly experienced and Professional Septic Contractor in the Wadena County MN region. We understand every facet of the Onsite Septic System business. Septic Tank Manhole Covers and Access Risers can be a great way to save money every time you have an older tank pumped out and cleaned. They raise up the Septic Tank Lid to where a sewer contractor can access it much more conveniently. This can make septic tank pumping cheaper when it doesn’t have to be dug up every 2 to 3 years.

Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI). Give us a call at our MN office by dialing (763) 218-4769 or the Big Lake MN area at 763-218-4769.