Caring For MN Septic Systems | 5 Key Concepts

Septic System Maintenance St Cloud MNKeeping your Sartell MN Septic Tank healthy does not have to be complicated or expensive. Caring for a septic system comes down to 5 Simple Concepts:

  1. Frequent Inspection
  2. Frequent Pumping
  3. Efficient Water Use
  4. Correct Waste Disposal
  5. Maintaining the Drainfield

As a MN Licensed Septic Business, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides valuable septic services including Septic Installations, Inspections and Repairs.


1. Frequent Septic System Inspection

The best way to know the current state of your septic system is by having a Professional Septic Inspection. A Licensed Septic Inspector knows what to look for in determining whether a septic system is compliant with current MN, Benton County and Stearns County laws. We can also tell you if the septic tank needs to be cleaned, if there are any cracks or any other necessary repairs.

You should plan on having a Conventional Septic System Inspected at least once every three years by a MN Septic Professional. An Alternative Septic System with mechanical and electric components should be Inspected Annually.


2. Frequent Septic Tank Pump Out

Most Septic Tanks will need to be Pumped Out every 3 to 5 years. Frequency of septic tank pumping depends largely on the following factors:

  • Number of people in the household
  • Size of septic tank
  • Total amount of wastewater generated
  • Amount of solid material in the wastewater


3. Use Water Wisely

Its good to remember that anything that goes down the drain in your home will end up inside of the Septic Tank for processing. Water generated from the kitchen, laundry and bathroom become part of the ecosystem of the septic system. Too much wastewater in a short amount of time can overload a septic tank and disrupt the organic treatment process. The following ideas can help to minimize the risk of Septic System Failure:

  • Install high efficiency toilets
  • Select the proper water level for laundry load size
  • Spread out loads of laundry rather than washing all in one day
  • Repair leaky faucets or toilets
  • Use a high efficiency showerhead to restrict water waste
  • Install Energy Star appliances that use less energy and less water


4. Proper Waste Disposal

A Toilet is not a trash can. A Garbage Disposal is not a trash can. A Sink is not a trash can. Remember that anything that goes down the drain will affect how well your septic system will work. Grease, oil, chemicals, pharmecueticals, do not belong in the septic tank.

Rule #1 when it comes to flushing: Only Human Waste & Toilet Paper Should Be Flushed Down The Toilet. Everything else belongs in the garbage.


5. Drainfield Maintenance

A Septic Drainfield can be easily forgotten. But its a very important component of a septic system that removes contaminants from wastewater. Pay attention to the following things to Maintain a Healthy Drainage Field:

  • Never Park or Drive over a drainfield
  • Never Plant Trees too close to a drainfield to avoid root intrusion
  • Never Place Downspouts, Sump Pumps or other runoff where it will flow into the drainfield


MN Licensed Septic Business

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is your Trusted MN Licensed Septic Business. For more than 20 years CSI has provided Quality Septic Services with honest customer service. We want to be your partner in Designing, Building and Maintaining Healthy Septic Systems.

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