Cost Effective Way to Prevent Clogged Septic System

Septic Filter Elk River MNIn Elk River, MN homes with a Conventional Septic System on the property it is crucial that the system be performing properly. All household wastewater and sewage eventually makes it way into the Septic Tank. An Effluent Screen or Septic Filter is a cost effective tool used to prevent clogs in the soil treatment area. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly for optimal protection of the pipes and drainfield. It is much easier and less expensive to clean a clogged filter than to repair a clogged drainfield. Failure to maintain the Septic Filter can result in Slow Drains, Septic Tank Backups or a Clogged Drainfield. Septic Repairs or Replacement can be very expensive. Contact Septic System Experts at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for a fair and honest evaluation of your backyard sewer system.


Septic Filter Maintenance

Regular Maintenance of the Septic Filter can help to extend the lifetime of the soil treatment area called the drainfield. How often the screens need to be cleaned can vary from a few months to a few years. Every time the septic tank is pumped the filter should be cleaned according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Consult with a Septic System Expert if you are unsure of how or when to Clean the Septic Filter. It is a very messy job that you may want to have done by a professional.

  1. DO NOT go into the septic tank
  2. Wear safety glasses and disposable, waterproof gloves
  3. Lift up the manhole cover or look into the inspection pipe to locate the septic filter on the outgoing side of the tank
  4. Remove filter
  5. Remove screen
  6. Hold screen above the manhole or a large bucket and spray it off with a garden hose
  7. Place the screen back into the casing
  8. Dump the bucket into the septic tank. Use less than ¼ cup of bleach to clean the bucket and pour into septic tank
  9. Replace and secure the manhole cover
  10. Throw away gloves and wash hands thoroughly with soap and hot water -wash contaminated clothing in hot water also


Signs Effluent Screen in Septic Filter is Clogged

  • Slow drains
  • Unusually high liquid content in septic tank
  • Screen looks like it is clogged with solids
  • Sewage backup


Septic System Experts

Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) is a Licensed Septic System Expert. We recommend that Elk River, MN property owners regularly maintain their septic system to keep it healthy and performing at its best. Investing in a relatively Inexpensive Septic Filter is a Cost Effective way to prevent clogs and extend the life of your septic system. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the effluent screen in the septic filter provides a good way to avoid expensive septic repairs or replacement.

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Serving the Twin Cities Metro area and Northern Minnesota for over 19 years!

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