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Septic System Installed in Rockford, MNAs a homeowner in Rockford, MN all functions of your home are your responsibility–including your septic system. It is important to understand your particular type of system and how to care for it. The following is a brief explanation of the most common types of septic systems.

Gravity Septic System

The gravity system is the basic or standard system installed, and uses gravity to move effluent through the septic tank and into the drain field. When you flush the toilet, it travels from the toilet through a pipe out to the septic tank where the solids settle at the bottom. The water continues through the tank to the outlet pipe and runs out into the drain field where there are several trenches filled with rocks or chambers.

Pressure Distribution Septic System

A pressure distribution system (also known as a pressurized bed system) has a pump which distributes effluent throughout the drain field at the same time. This type is installed in most new systems because it makes better use of the entire drain field. A pressurized bed uses the same toilet pipe and tank as the gravity system. However, in this system, it requires a compartment tank or a separate tank which uses a pump to force the liquid out–known as a lift station. The lift station pumps the liquid to trenches or a bed filled with rock. A rock bed size varies.

AT-GRADE Septic System

At-Grade system is designed for installation at sites with soils too deep to justify a mound but too shallow to install a below-grade soil absorption system. The AT-GRADE system is designed to be at ground level. There is a tank for the solids and a lift station. The ground is then scarified and rocks are put down on the ground. The pipe is placed on the rocks and has small holes drilled in it. The pipe is covered with rock, geo fabric, and approximately 12 inches of dirt. You end up with a hump of dirt which is blended in as much as possible. The total height is 2 feet and the average length is 80 feet.

Mound Septic System

This system is installed when minimal soil is available for treatment, and the drain field is raised above ground level. The Mound system, like the other systems, require a lifting station. With a mound 1 to 2 feet of sand is put down. A rock bed is created followed by 3 pipes with small holes drilled into them, the pipe is covered with more rock, and then Geo fabric is used to cover the pipe. After the geo fabric is in place, a sandy loam cover is added and covered with black dirt. Approximately 16 inches of dirt is put down. The average mound size is 50’x75’ and range from 3½ feet tall to 4½ feet tall.

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