Standard Individual Sewage Treatment Systems

Types of Septic Systems in Ramsey MNWith approximately 4,200 Individual Sewage Treatment Systems (ISTS) located in and around Ramsey MN, you may be wondering what Septic System Types you may find. Both In-Ground and Above-Ground Septic Systems can be very efficient if they are correctly Designed, Installed and Maintained. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a MPCA Licensed Septic Business. This means that we have received the necessary training to be approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).


Individual Septic vs Municipal Sewer System

A standard system used to primarily Collect, Store and Decontaminate Sewage from an individual home is a Conventional Septic System. This type of sewer system is different than having a Municipal Sanitary Sewer System. If your home is connected to a city sewer then you will probably be billed monthly for your Water and Sewer usage. Where as a Private Septic System is installed directly on your property. It is your responsibility to maintain and care for your own ISTS.


Conventional In Ground Sewer System

The following types of Individual Sewage Treatment Systems are considered to be Conventional In-ground Septic Systems:

  1. Gravity Distribution Septic System
    1. Historically the most common kind of septic system used in Minnesota
    2. Relies on natural elevation difference to progress liquid waste through the treatment process
    3. Less expensive to install than some others that require pumps to move liquids on to the soil treatment area
    4. Sewer from the home flows down into the septic tank and then out through an outlet pipe on to the next treatment stage
  1. Gravel Trench Septic system
    1. Very commonly used in Minnesota
    2. Designed to be 3 feet or less wide and 4 feet or less deep
    3. Filled with gravel and at least 1 foot of soil
    4. Liquid can be dispersed using either a gravity or pressure technique
  1. Seepage Beds Septic System
    1. Greater than 3 feet wide but less than 25 feet wide
    2. Built similar but wider than a trench system
    3. May be designed to use either gravity or pressure distribution


Conventional Above Ground Sewer System

Sites where an in-ground septic system cannot be installed may be better suited for an At-Grade or Above Ground Mound System similar to the types described below:

  1. At Grade Septic System
    1. Relies on a two stage process for treating and dispersing liquids from the septic tank
    2. Includes at least one septic tank and a distribution system
    3. Distribution media is placed right on top of the underlying soil
    4. Bacteria living inside of the soil naturally act as a biological treatment process
  1. Raised Mound Septic System
    1. Mainly used in areas with unfavorable soil conditions limit the use of a below ground system
    2. Similar to a seepage bed that is built on top of clean sand
    3. Uses one or more septic tanks along with a pump tank
    4. Liquid waste filters through the sand and soil treatment area


MPCA Licensed Septic Business

As a MPCA Licensed Septic Business, the technicians at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can Design and Install High Guality Sewer Systems that effectively collect and treat wastewater for residential properties. Individual site characteristics will determine what type is best for each property. You may have a septic system such as a Gravity Distribution, Trench or Mound System.

In Ramsey MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for a Free Estimate on Septic System Design and Installation at (763) 218-4769