On-Site Sewage Treatment System

Septic System Glossary St Cloud MNMinnesota property owners must deal with Sewage Treatment in one way or another. People that live or vacation in rural type areas are likely to rely on a On Site Septic System to handle this environmentally necessary task. If you have recently purchased a property in the St Cloud MN area or are lucky enough to be proud owners of a cabin up north then you may have some questions for a MPCA Certified Septic Professional like Brad Krotzer of Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI). We have compiled a list of Sewage System Terms and Definitions in a Glossary type format.


MN Septic System Terms | Glossary | Definitions

  • Aerobic Bacteria: sewage eating bacteria that lives in the soil
  • Anaerobic Bacteria: sewage eating bacteria that lives in the septic tank
  • Black Water: liquid waste from toilets
  • COC: Certificate of Compliance with MN or local government regulations
  • Compliance Inspection: must be done by a qualified Septic Inspector – may be required for property transfer, bedroom addition or other reasons
  • Drainfield: underground soil absorption where liquid waste is biologically treated and purified before recycling back into the environment
  • Effluent: liquid waste inside of septic tank or waste water that has flowed out of the tank and onto the next area for decontamination
  • Effluent Filter: keeps solid waste from escaping from the septic tank
  • Gray Water: contaminated water that comes from bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes
  • ISTS: Individual Sewage Treatment System (another name for septic system)
  • Leach Field: another name for a drain field (drainfield)
  • Licensed Septic Professional: an individual who is certified by the MPCA for working with septic system designs, inspections, installations or repairs
  • Manhole Riser: raises the septic tank manhole cover up where it can be accessed more easily
  • Mound System: alternative, raised type of septic system that is often used where site or soil conditions will not allow a conventional septic system
  • MPCA: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that oversees sewage treatment procedures and related issues
  • NON: Notice of Noncompliance means that the septic system does not comply with current local or state regulations
  • PVC Inspection Pipe: a pipe that sticks out of the ground – coming from the septic tank – it is used to check the level of liquids and solids
  • Scum Layer: the upper level of waste material inside of the septic tank – it is made up of grease and oil that floats to the top
  • Septic Design: the type of sewage treatment system that is engineered for each individual property and usage
  • Septic System: a mini sewer system made to effectively collect, decontaminate and disperse human waste and wastewater
  • Septic Tank: an underground holding tank that hold and treats sewage
  • Sludge Layer: a layer of solid waste and fecal matter that sinks to the bottom of the tank until it is pumped out
  • Soil Boring: a sampling of soil to evaluate the site’s suitability for an organic sewage treatment system
  • Soil Permeability: the speed or ease in which water travels down through the soil – it is measured by a rate of inches per hour
  • Soil Absorption System (SAS): same as drainfield, leach field or soil treatment area
  • SSTS: Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (another name for septic system)


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