When Heavy Rains Flood Your Septic System

Flooded Septic System Rogers MNOkay, so you were not so lucky and your property has Flooded due to Heavy Rainfall. Now what do you do? Unfortunately, this can happen to property owners in Rogers, MN as well as Big Lake, Elk River and many other Minnesota communities. For properties with an Onsite Septic System there can be damage to components of your sewage treatment system along with your home and property. It is important that you consult a Licensed Septic System Professional like Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI). Private Wells can also be contaminated with Disease Causing Bacteria from untreated sewage that washes into the system.

In Part 1 of Custom Septic, Inc.’s article on Flood Waters and Your Septic System took a look at ways to prepare before flooding. Now lets take a look at what to do After the Flood Waters Recede. How do you check for damage and who do you call?


After Flood Waters Recede From Septic System

Once the flooding has stopped and flood waters recede you need to proceed with caution and contact a Licensed Septic System Professional.

  • Avoid using your septic system until sewage has had a chance to absorb into the soil and not be likely to back-up into your home
  • Conserve water while the septic system has a chance to dry out completely
  • Call a contractor to check the septic tank for floodwaters
  • Have the septic tank pumped out if needed to remove flood water
  • Clean any effluent screens
  • Contact a Licensed Septic System Professional to inspect electrical components including septic alarms and pumps
  • Make sure that manhole covers are secured properly
  • Repair or replace any manhole covers that were lost or moved during the flood
  • Look for signs of damage including settling soil over the septic tank or other areas of the septic system
  • Other signs of septic system damage include a sewer back-up into your basement or surfacing above the drainfield


Flood Water Cleanup Safety Concerns

The cleanup process to disinfect your home following a flood event is likely to contribute large amounts of cleaning products into the Septic Tank. If this happens it is best to have the Septic Tank Pumped Out to reduce bacteria killing disinfectants from disrupting the natural biological treatment process.

  • Do Not place dumpsters, heavy materials or drive on the septic system
  • Do Not dump floodwaters down the drain and into the septic tank
  • Do Not leave bare dirt above the septic system. Repair or replace grass and vegetation over the septic tank and drainfield
  • Do Not attempt to repair damage to your Onsite Septic System yourself. There are too many safety hazards including poisonous gasses, bacteria and contaminants that cause illness and risk of electrical shock


MN Licensed Septic System Professional

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for Septic System Inspections, Septic Repair or Replacement. We are Minnesota Licensed Septic System Professionals with affordable services in and around the Rogers and Elk River, MN area. Call us if you need help with the Onsite Septic System on your property. Heavy Rains can cause flooding that disrupts and damages an otherwise healthy septic system. CSI is here to help homeowners dealing with a Septic System Malfunction.

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