Prepare Septic System Before Flood Event

Septic System Flooding Elk River MNIf you live in a Flood Prone Area and have a private Septic System on your property, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) is offering advice on what you can do to Prevent a Sewage System Malfunction. If damage has already occurred we are here to help Repair or Replace your individual Sewage Treatment System and get it working properly once again.

A flooded sewage treatment system can have dire consequences including a Sewage Back-Up into your Elk River, MN home. Costly damage to your septic system or property as well as Health and Safety Risks for your family are all very real possibilities. Don’t wait to see if this Minnesota spring weather will be just as wet as last season. Take our advice on preparation to prevent a septic system disaster. In Part 2 of this article on Septic System Flooding we will go over what to do after the floodwaters have receded and how to look for damage.


Heavy Rainfall

Minnesota Weather can be very unpredictable. Even though Elk River and surrounding cities are currently in a drought like situation it doesn’t mean that Heavy Rains will not cause area flooding. Last year many local communities experienced Significant Flooding following heavy rainfall.


Prevent A Septic System Malfunction

For homeowners with a Private Wastewater Treatment System on their property the result can be a Septic System Malfunction. This creates a dangerous situation with a Significant Threat to Public Health and your Home. Raw Sewage can Backup in your home. Along with the sewer comes disease causing bacteria, nasty odors and extensive cleanup.


Preparing Private Septic System For Flooding Event

Properties in a Flood Prone Area must take precautions to avoid Sewage System Problems due to a significant flood event. The following steps can help to Prepare Before a Flooding Situation takes place.

  • Have a backflow preventer installed by a licensed plumber
  • Make sure inspection caps are installed and firmly in place
  • If you have a backflow preventer, make sure it is shut prior to flooding
  • Contact a septic tank pumping company to pump out sewage immediately prior to floodwaters coming near the tank


What To Do When Flood Waters Cover Septic System

If you are Experiencing Flooding in the area of your individual, private Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) there are additional steps to follow.

  • Stop using your septic system including sending any type of household waste water into the septic tank
  • Turn off any electrical components of the septic system such as pumps and alarms
  • Turn off water softener to prevent it from regenerating water into system
  • Contact a well professional or your city or county to test well water for contamination


Licensed Septic System Contractor

Contact Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for all of your Septic System needs. As a Licensed Septic System Contractor we have been providing Affordable Services to Elk River, MN homeowners for over 19 years. We know that Proper Care and Maintenance of your private sewage treatment system is crucial to keeping a healthy septic system and home. Spring weather can bring heavy rains that result in a Flooding Event. Take steps to Prepare and Prevent a Septic System Malfunction and possible Sewage Backup in your home.

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