Septic System Design Process

Septic System Site & Soil Evaluation Ramsey MNPart of the Septic System Design Process involves a Site & Soil Evaluation. This is done as a way to analyze the Soil Conditions to get a better understanding of the type of Septic Design that is most appropriate for your Ramsey MN property and home. The Location of key septic components and Size of dispersal area are very important. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can provide an initial Soil & Site Evaluation along with a detailed Septic System Desgn that is custom designed for your home.


Preliminary Septic Site Evaluation

A Professional Soil and Site Evaluation must be done prior to approval of a new Septic System Design. Your Licensed Septic Design Contractor has to conduct the analysis according to the proper statutes determined by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). The Preliminary Evaluation is designed to determine the following:

  • Design Flow of the new septic system components
  • Anticipated Demand for processing Liquids and Solids
  • Anticipated Amount of Oil, Grease and Waste Materials
  • Impact of Setback Constraints on well water
  • Potential setback for Buildings within 50 feet of drainfield
  • Location of Water Supply Pipes within 50 feet of septic system
  • Ordinary High Water Level of public water
  • Whether location is within a Floodplain Area
  • Any setbacks from site of Drainage Field
  • Soil Survey Information including slope, distance to bedrock, permeability, landscape, saturation and structure of soil
  • Property Identifiers
  • Property Owners Name
  • Location of Septic System as it pertains to US Geological Survey Map


Septic System Field Evaluation

Before starting a Septic System Field Evaluation, a Certified Septic Designer should check with the local government in order to understand the requirements for installing the septic design. After determining that design will comply with local ordinances, then the following items must be taken into consideration:

  • Property Lines and markings
  • General Site Evaluation and description
  • Identify Surface Features
  • Soil Boring Analysis
  • Description of Soil Properties
  • Hydraulic Testing of Soil
  • Compare Findings with Soil Survey
  • Interpretation of Soil Information and suitability for septic design
  • Flood Plain considerations
  • Depth of Bedrock and Soil
  • Whether proposed site is Protected from potential damage
  • Soil and Site Report must be approved by local government unit


MN Septic System Evaluation And Design

As your Licensed Septic System Design Contractor, Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) provides professional Soil and Site Evaluations and Field Evaluations to design a better septic system. We all want to have a Sewer System that works great, with little work and little cost to operate. This is why it is vitally important that you start out with the Correct Septic System Design from the very beginning. As always, you can trust CSI for Septic Installation that provides the best results.

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