Septic System RepairsThere is probably not a homeowner around who considers a septic system issue as a welcome challenge to tackle. Unlike replacing a thermostat or staining a deck, many of us do not even know how to access our septic system. However, we certainly understand its importance and the need of a professional when we suspect a problem. Septic system repair, for many reasons beyond the strong smells associated with it, should be left to the professionals. And no septic system service in Minnesota offers better professional services than Custom Septic, Inc.

Septic System Inspection and Repair in Minnesota

If your septic system is original to your home and it has been a while since you have had it inspected, you may be developing problems with no obvious signs, but the problem may be growing. If you have started to notice some of the more subtle signs, like greener grass near the tank or areas of moisture that are not due to normal post-rainfall drainage, it may be that you are in need of a septic system repair. An annual septic system inspection is ideal but, at a minimum, we recommend contacting a professional if you notice anything unusual. Our team can safely inspect the septic system and determine the source of the issues you have identified.

Issues with septic systems can, of course, vary from home to home. Failure of one component or another can occur because of age alone. Leaks can occur as a result of clogs or foreign objects infiltrating into the system. If the clogs are severe enough, it will almost certainly cause pressure to build, which can result in overflow or cracks in pipes, and the result is unpleasant. Regardless of the cause or causes of your septic system’s problems, we will always help you make the decision that is best for you and your septic system. Our business model is built on finding the most cost-effective solutions available.

Common Septic System Problems

The most common reason for septic system failure is imbalance in the biomat, but we also find clogs in pipes and in the drainfield. It is also common for roots to get into the drainfield which inhibits circulation and can result in overflow. If you have begun to smell the unmistakable odor of a septic leak, it could be as simple as needing to pump and clean your septic tank.

Our experience in the field of septic system repair allows us to state confidently that we can help you get your septic system back into good shape if it needs repairs, and that we can help you maintain its good condition once the repairs have been completed. Call us at (763) 218-4769 to schedule a time for us to come out and take a look at your septic system.