Septic System Repairs in MN | Diagram of Properly Functioning Septic SystemAt Custom Septic, we are proud to be licensed septic system professionals that can handle your every need. It’s never fun to deal with your septic system, however, our professionals at Custom Septic make it as easy and worry free as possible for you. If you are having septic system problems, let our expert professionals take a look.

Finding the Problem

At Custom Septic, we are no stranger to solving problems. If you are having septic system issues, these can all be clues as to what’s actually going wrong. Signs like slow flushing, continuous running water, backed up toilets and even foul odors inside your home can all be signs that something is going on with your septic system. Likewise, if your outdoor area is soggy, smelly or even flooded, it can be a large sign that your drainfield has an issue. Finding the problem is a large portion of what we do. If we can find and diagnose the problem, we can then work towards finding the absolute right solution.

Common Septic System Damages

With the proper experience, certifications and skill to repair each and every component of your septic system, our professionals are able to work quickly and efficiently. The most common septic damages we see include damage to the septic tank covers, damage to the piping, septic tank leaks or cracks and the occasional blocked leach or drainage field. When damages occur, we are here to help. Before we do any repairing, we will provide you first with cost effective solutions that save you both time and money for years to come. If it is more cost effective to fix the issue, we will work with you to resolve your problem. Should it be more feasible to replace it, we will work with you on the process of how we perform replacements. No matter what type of issue is happening with your septic, our team of professionals will be here to help.

So, when you notice something odd about your septic system, don’t wait another minute. There is a long list of health and environmental hazards that are directly related to failing septic systems. Not only can it damage your water supply, but it can start impacting everyone and everything around you as well. For more information about our licensed and certified septic system repair professionals, give Custom Septic in Minnesota a call today. Contact (763) 218-4769 or email for all of your septic system needs today.