Troubleshooting Septic System Malfunction

Septic Malfunction St Michael MN

The Septic System on your St. Michael, MN property is a vital part of a safe and healthy household. When problems arise it is very important to know what to do. Contacting a Licensed Septic Professional is a great first step in protecting your home and family from a sewage nightmare. There are warning signs and symptoms to look for in identifying septic system problems. Acting quickly to diagnose and correct the malfunction can save you from an enormous headache and very costly repairs.


This is Part 1 of a 2 Part series looking at common septic system problems and malfunctions.


Problem #1 Sewage Backup or Failed Drains

If you are noticing that household drains are not draining or worse, sewage is backing up into your home, there are a couple common reasons. First, you want to check the liquid level inside of the septic tank. It should be 1 foot or more below the top of the septic tank. If the level is normal it could be one of the following reasons why this problem is happening.


Blockage Between Home and the Septic Tank

A blockage could occur in the house sewer system or a plugged inlet pipe at the septic tank. A Scum Layer (floating grease and oil) may be blocking the inlet pipe. In this case a septic technician can pump the tank down. Be sure to have the inlet baffle checked also.

Blockage within the House Sewer System may be removed by a septic system professional who has special sewer routing tools. Have them check for root penetration as the source of the blocked system. A recurring clogging problem in a formerly trouble-free system is most likely caused by a broken sewer pipe. The broken pipe must be first located and then replaced.


Plugged Sewer Vent in Home

A blocked sewer vent or stack can slow down the rate in which the septic lines drain. This may sometimes lead to a sewer gas smell near drains in the home. More likely it will result in a gurgling sound. Vents can become temporarily blocked in winter when a roof vent freezes up. A properly installed stack should not be prone to blockage.


Clogged Between Septic Tank and Drainfield

When the Liquid Level Inside of a Septic Tank is higher than normal it could be one of three things. Having a qualified septic professional inspect the problem area to determine what is contributing to the obstruction is usually necessary. Quite often the septic tank will need to be pumped immediately and repairs be done.

  1. Blockage in outlet from tank
  2. Obstruction in the line between septic tank and drainfield
  3. Absorption field has become clogged


Contact An Experienced Septic System Professional

If you are noticing warning signs or symptoms of a septic system malfunction, Contact Brad Krotzer at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) for system Inspections and Repairs. We are experienced and can help with onsite septic systems in the St. Michael, MN area. Brad has a license from the State of Minnesota and is certified for Septic Compliance Inspections, Septic System Repairs, Septic Designs and Installations, Septic Maintenance and other sewage treatment problems.

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