Septic System Problems In The Winter MonthsThe winter months are brutal in Minnesota. From the cold temperatures to the endless snow, sleet and wind, we do not generally get much of a break from winter from November through March. Unfortunately, the cold temperatures can cause problems for many different aspects of the exterior of your home. Your septic system is not immune. When the soil gets cold and snow falls, it can get compacted on top of your septic system. It is possible for this to cause the tank to freeze. If this happens, you may notice that your system pushes waste back up into your pipes and you may have backups in your toilets and sinks. This is unsanitary as well and should be assessed by a septic system repair company. Custom Septic has operated in Minnesota for more than twenty years and understands how to deal with a frozen septic system.

Year-Round Septic System Repair In Minnesota

If your home has a septic system and you have waste backing up into your home, you should immediately reach out to a septic system repair company to avoid potential damage to your home. We can inspect your entire system, identify any problem areas and get it back up and running properly in no time. Our team has the experience, certifications and skill to repair each and every part of your septic system including damaged septic tank covers, damaged piping, septic tank leaks or cracks and blocked leach fields.

The team at Custom Septic Inc. works all year round so we are available when you need us. We have helped many property owners deal with issues related to the intense winter weather in our area. Septic system repair is not something that you should manage on your own. The stakes are just too high for your property and a problem can be disastrous and costly for you. Instead, reach out to us and we will help ASAP. We can also complete annual inspections to prevent and anticipate any future problems with your system. In fact, we actually suggest that septic system owners have their system pumped every 2 years to ensure that your system is working correctly, and the major problem areas are checked for the damages that lead to system failure. This can save you time, headaches and money in the future.

Minnesota Septic System Repair Company

If you are concerned that your septic system is not working properly because of the cold weather or any other reason, give us a call today at 763-218-4769.