Septic System Maintenance In Loreto MNWhen your septic system is working like it should, you may barely even think about it daily. It is wonderful when things around your home are working as they should. However, routine maintenance is a key part of keeping things working as they should on a regular basis and preventing major problems from occurring. Regular septic system maintenance is no different. The team at Custom Septic can complete period septic system maintenance for homeowners in Loreto and the surrounding area Minnesota. Over time, this regular maintenance will save you time, money and headaches!

Prevent Major Septic System Problems

With proper maintenance, you can expect your septic system to last for many years, even many decades. In order to keep it in good working order for this time, it needs to be cleaned and pumped periodically. We can remove the dirt, gunk, and residue that builds up over time and with frequent use. We recommend that your septic system be cleaned and pumped approximately every 2-3 years. If you do not complete this routine maintenance, you are risking damage to your entire property and costly repairs. If not properly maintained, you could find that your tank can no longer separate solid from liquid, solid may pass through your drain field, your drain field can get clogged and no longer function, and your entire septic system can back up. These are major problems that are both costly and gross!

Since there is no specific schedule to follow for every septic system, our team can come out to your property and provide you with a detailed list of projected service dates that is tailored to the size, age and the size of your household and frequency of use. Then, our team will keep track of the dates and you can check it off your list. Preventing major problems with your septic system will extend the life of the system and save you money in the long run. We can provide you with general tips to take care of your septic system and give you specific information about any potential problems that we find with your system.

Septic System Company in Loreto Minnesota

Custom Septic is a family-owned business that has been focused on septic system maintenance, installation and repair for more than twenty five years. We value our customers and are committed to providing high quality, responsive service at an affordable price. For more information about setting up a schedule for routine septic system maintenance, call our team at 763-218-4769.