Septic System Inspection Services Buffalo MNBuying a home is one of the most significant and complicated investments we can make. Buying a home with a septic system increases the complexity of that investment, and Custom Septic, Inc., strongly recommends having an inspection of a prospective home purchase before the process is finalized. This can save you time, money and headaches down the road.

Local Requirements For Septic System Construction

The state of Minnesota does not have one uniform code that governs the administration of septic system construction. In other words, it is important to check with your local government before purchasing a home with a septic system, building a home that will require a septic system, or building an addition onto your current home, if your home has a septic system. Policies and laws can vary from municipality to municipality, so it is critical to know what your specific local government requires.

If your septic system is in good working order, it will receive what is known as a ‘Certificate of Compliance,’ which affirms that its state at the time of inspection satisfied all pertinent public policy concerns related to preserving public health and complying with laws relating to the protection of groundwater and other environmental matters. If the inspection of the septic system finds a failure of any portion of the construction or operation of the septic system, the inspecting authority will issue a Certificate of Non-Compliance. If you are the homeowner whose septic system receives a Certificate of Non-Compliance, it will be your responsibility to have the necessary repairs made to ensure its long-term compliance. But if you are a prospective buyer of that property, knowing the current state of the septic system could be exactly what you need to make an informed purchase or to walk away from the deal.

Septic System Inspections Before A Home Purchase In Buffalo Minnesota

Making informed decisions as you consider a home purchase in Buffalo MN is really important. Inspections of septic systems are valid only when performed by a practitioner licensed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. There are advantages to being on a septic system, but owners of homes with septic systems must have a commitment to abiding by the policies and laws designed to protect the shared environment.

Custom Septic is licensed to perform inspections of septic systems, and our commitment to the highest standards of ethical business practices informs the manner in which we conduct septic system inspections. Homeowners deserve nothing less than such standards. For more information, call us at (763) 218-4769 or submit the form on our Contact Us page.