Septic System Flooding Wadena MNWell Water Contamination from Bacteria Filled Sewage

Several parts of Minnesota have been soaked recently during massive outbreaks of thunderstorms. The Wadena MN area has been hit especially hard with rain, wind and hail. Heavy rains can cause Sewage Systems including Septic Systems to be overwhelmed. Be sure to call Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) if you notice any Signs of Septic System Failure. The sooner the problem can be fixed the better it is for the homeowner and the local community. Bacteria Filled Sewage can end up inside of your home or contaminate the soil where children and pets may play. The last thing you want to see is the contents of your Septic Tank Flooding your basement or contaminating your well water. Learn what to do Before, During and After a MN Flooding Event.


Prepare Before a MN Flooding Event

Wadena, MN property owners should be proactive and Prepare Before a Flooding Event.

  1. Prevent the soil above the Leach Field, Mound System or Septic Tank from getting compacted.
  1. Don’t empty out the septic tank immediately before a possible flooding event – this could cause the septic tank to rise up with the flood water.
  1. Prevent sewage from backing up through floor drains by installing sheets of poly over the drains – weighted down with sandbags.


Septic System Care During a Flood

During Flooding, it is best to take steps to avoid stressing a septic system any further than it already is.

  1. Call your local Septic System Contractor at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI).
  1. Give the septic system a break by avoiding running any water that is not absolutely necessary. Don’t flush toilets, take showers, do laundry, run dishwasher or pour water down the drain.
  2. If your Sewage Treatment System has an electric pump system, disconnect the electrical circuits to prevent the pump from running continuously.


After Septic System has Flooded

After the Rain has stopped falling or river has stopped rising, you should have a Licensed Septic System Contractor see if the Septic System is Flooded. Have the experts at CSI make sure that everything is okay and operating correctly.

  1. Visually inspect every part of the septic system including the Septic Tank, Manhole Cover, Electric Pumps, PVC Inspection Pipe and even the grassy area over the top of a septic tank and drainfield.
  1. Carefully Inspect any electrical components for damage before restarting the septic pump.
  1. Arrange to have a technician pump out the contents of the septic tank.
  1. Replace any damaged vegetation to maintain an insulating cover over the septic tank, septic mound and soil treatment area.


Licensed Septic System Contractor

Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for assistance with a Flooded Septic System. CSI is a locally owned and operated MN Licensed Septic System Contractor. Call us for Septic Inspections and Repairs if you have Signs of Septic System Failure or Septic Tank Flooding. Sewage Contamination can be a huge health hazard for your family and have a big environmental impact.

In Wadena, and Sebeka MN, contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for trusted Septic System Services at: 763-218-4769