Be Prepared Before A Sewage Disaster Happens

Flooded Septic System Ramsey MNRain clouds can put a damper on outdoor activities. If your Ramsey MN home is equipped with an Onsite Septic System then you may experience added problems from Heavy Rain and Flooding. Most Minnesota septic systems have a Septic Tank and Drainfield Soil Treatment System. When the ground becomes overly saturated it can lead to an inability for the drainage field to function properly. Sewage Backing Up Into Your Home is a possible outcome of a Flooded Sewer System.

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can help with services to Prevent Septic System Malfunction. They best option is to be prepared before disaster strikes.


Do Not Pump Septic Tank During Flooding

Minnesota is known for some of the best summer weather conditions in the country. Beautiful, warm summer days are sometimes followed by Heavy Thunderstorms capable of dumping large amounts of rain in a short amount of time. During a Flooding Situation, resist the impulse to pump the septic tank. This temporary fix can lead to much larger problems. The Septic Tank may float up out of the ground and damage the sewer pipes.


What To Do During & After Septic System Floods

While Septic Tank or Drain Field are saturated with water:

  • Conserve water to minimize septic system overload
  • Plug all basement drains to avoid sewage backup
  • Do Not drink well water until it has been tested
  • Make sure septic tank cover is secure
  • Do Not open the septic tank manhole cover
  • Avoid contact with any electrical device until they are dry

After Flood Waters Have Receded From Septic System:

  • Contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to schedule a professional septic system inspection
  • Have all electrical components inspected for damage before turning on
  • Clean up any contaminated water or sewage in your basement – disinfect with chlorine bleach solution
  • Stay off of septic mound or soil absorption field so that you don’t compact the soil
  • Pump out septic tank when conditions allow
  • Make sure septic tank cover is not damaged and fits securely
  • Repair damage to vegetation over septic tank and drainfield
  • Repair erosion on septic mound and soil treatment area


Plan Ahead To Prevent Septic System Flooding

Planning and preparedness can be vitally important when your Backyard Sewer System has to deal with Minnesota’s unpredictable climate conditions. Having a Septic Tank and Soil Absorption Field that are properly designed, installed and maintained can mean the difference between a Sewage Disaster and a High Performing Sewage System.

Check out the Septic Maintenance page on CSI Custom Septic, Inc.’s website for great tips on keeping your septic system operating at its very best for as long as possible.


Honest Septic Services

Having a Septic Service Company that you can rely on in every situation can be very important and comforting for Ramsey MN homeowners. Professional Septic Inspections are a part of the vital Septic System Maintenance of Onsite Septic Systems. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has earned a great reputation for honest, reliable services at a fair price.

In Ramsey MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. at 763-218-4769 for Honest Septic Services at Fair Price.