Innovative Onsite Sewage Treatment System

Septic Tank FAQ | Pressure Distribution | Otsego MNThe various options for Otsego MN Septic Systems are chosen for several different factors. A Nonconventional Onsite Sewage Treatment System such as a Pressure Distribution Septic can do a great job of sucessfully removing contaminants before the waste reaches the water table. This kind of sewer system is actually quite innovative in its design. The system includes some of the same components as a Conventional Gravity Septic System, including a Septic Tank and Trench. Success depends on Proper Care & Maintenance along with Good Planning and Construction Techniques by a Licensed MN Septic Contractor like CSI Custom Septic, Inc.


What Is A Pressure Distribution Septic System?

Pressure Distribution Septic Systems are commonly used in situations where the soil isn’t well suited for wastewater disposal. Sandy Soil or a Sloped Yard may not be a good candidate for the more conventional gravity flow septic system. Pumps are then installed to disperse the liquid waste when the right level is reached. There are more sewer system components needed to control the flow of wastewater.


Pressure Distribution Septic System Components

Common Components of a Pressure Distribution Septic System include the following:

  • Sewer Pipe
  • Septic Tank
  • Pump Chamber
  • Pump
  • Alarm
  • Septic Tank Riser with Manhole Cover
  • PVC Inspection Pipe
  • Effluent Filter
  • Sewage Pipes
  • Trench


Septic System Care and Maintenance

Advanced Pressure Distribution Septic Care & Maintenance is quite important if you want to keep everything operating in good order. Find a Reliable Septic Company to provide inspections and regular septic tank cleaning. Make sure that everyone in your household understands that only Organic Human Waste and Septic Safe Toilet Tissue can go into the toilet. You don’t need to buy anything fancy but never used the toilet as a garbage can.


Septic System Pumps & Alarms

Check to see that your Septic System Alarms are working correctly. The alarm is used to alert you to a problem with the Electric Septic Pump. If the alarm goes off, you may want to first check the power source to see if there has been a power failure or tripped circuit breaker. Contact a Licensed Septic Repair Contractor if the problem does not seem to be related to a power outage or you notice signs of Septic System Failure.


Licensed MN Septic Contractor

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a highly experienced and reliable Minnesota Septic Company. As a Licensed Septic Contractor, CSI specializes in Septic Compliance Inspections and Installations. We often are called to do routine septic system repair, compliance upgrades and complete sewer system replacement.

In Otsego & Monticello MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Quality Septic System Construction at: (763) 218-4769. Proudly serving Minnesota residents since 1996!