Septic System Designed For Your PropertyCustom Septic, Inc., designs, installs, and repairs septic systems in Minnesota. The design of a septic system is a very important aspect of our work. If you are in the process of designing and building a home, one of the first pieces of information you should find out is whether your property will be connected to your local water and waste management system or if you will need to install a septic system. If you find that your property will need a septic system, it is very important not to cut corners. Home building is full of decisions about how to keep costs down but build the home of your dreams. Cutting corners on your septic system can prove disastrous. This can result in a terribly foul odor and the possibility of sewage backing up into your home if something goes wrong with it.

Professional Septic System Design For New Construction Homes

A poorly designed and installed septic system can result in exactly that scenario. Many homeowners who are building a new home simply do not understand much about septic systems. Why would you? So, this can put you at an increased risk for not realizing if your septic system is poorly designed and also vulnerable to problems down the road. The staff at Custom Septic uses only experts in the field of septic systems, and we do not cut corners. Our success is dependent not only on our knowledge of design, installation, and repair of septic systems, but also on the reputation we have worked so hard to establish and maintain. Cutting corners is against our company’s core value system. So, when you contract us to design and install the septic system for your home, you can count on us to be honest about what is needed from your system and how it should be designed, the costs associated with installing the right system for your home, and clear communication about the function and purpose of each part of the system.

Types Of Septic Systems

The laws of Minnesota provide strict guidance regarding the minimum standards for septic systems, but even the most comprehensive laws cannot foresee the challenges posed by one or another property. That is why the design of your septic system must be done by a professional. Your septic system must meet the minimum standards defined by the state, but it must take into account the unique qualities of the property itself. We can design and install all types of septic systems including gravity septic systems, pressure distribution septic systems, sound filter septic systems, and mound septic systems. Contact us at 763-218-4769 for more information.