Cost Effective and Long Lasting Septic Designs

MN Septic System DesignIf you are planning to build a new home with an Individual Septic System in the city of Greenfield MN, look no further than the Minnesota Septic System Experts at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. When you work with CSI you can take advantage of our decades of experience with Designing and Installing some of the most Cost Effective & Long Lasting Septic Systems around. Choosing the type of sewage treatment system for each individual home and property requires understanding of the permitting process, state and local regulations and unique soil characteristics.


Individual Septic Design & Installation Process

Before you invest your valuable time and money in a New or Updated Septic System, take the time to gain a better understanding of the design process. There is no such thing as a one size fits all sewer system design. Every property has its own unique characteristics that must be taken into account when mapping out every detail of a Code Compliant Septic System.


  1. The Septic System Design Process begins with a Professional Site Evaluation. A licensed evaluator will be looking at the soil consistency, soil depth, setback requirements and available space for all septic system components.


  1. The second step in the Septic System Design and Installation process may be a Consultation with the property owner to determine which type of sewage treatment system is the best choice for the home. Homeowners can sometimes have a say in the level of technology to be utilized within the system. Do you prefer something high tech or more traditional?


  1. Types of MN Septic System Designs being used today include the following:
  • Conventional Gravity Distribution Septic System
  • Pressure Distribution Septic System
  • Mound System
  • Sand Filter Septic System
  • Alternative Septic System like an Aerobic Sewage System


  1. The next step in the process is to have our Licensed Septic Designer Draw Up Plans for the new or updated septic system. Blueprint style designs should include the Type of septic system, Size and Location of all septic system components taking into account all mandated setbacks for the property.


  1. Submitting a Permit application for Installation of an Individual Septic System on the property is the next step.


  1. The final step in the septic system designing and installation process is the actual Installation by a Licensed Septic Installer at CSI Custom Septic, Inc.


MN Septic Design Experts

A long lasting, efficient Individual Sewage Treatment System begins with the right Design and the design is only as good as the Installation. You can trust the experience, integrity and professionalism from the Minnesota Septic System Design Experts at CSI Custom Septic, Inc.

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